Wargame: Poland 1939 v1


Wargame: Poland 1939 v1 Wargame: Poland 1939 v1

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Requirements: Android 2.2

Case White, the invasion of Poland 1939.

This is a test wargame, developed in html5/javascript and Cocoonjs. Please post comments.

This game simulates the 1939 Axis invasion of Poland by Germany and their Slovakian allies. The game focuses on the Axis invasion, and does not cover the Soviet invasion.
You can play against another player “hotseat” or else play either side against your device.

Gameplay involves moving your units on a map of Poland. The map is organised into hexes to regulate movement. If you tap on a unit, hexes it can move to are highlighted in yellow. Tap on a highlighted hex to move there. If there is an enemy unit present, combat will occur.

The units represent the military formations actually present in 1939. Mostly these are divisions, but some are brigades or army headquarters. You can place (stack) up to five units in a single hex. Tapping on the hex will rotate the units, with the selected one at the top.

Copyright DK Simulations Ltd
Artwork by Gonzalo Santacruz de la Torre
Map with permission from Poland Crushed by Schutze Games

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