Voxel Invaders – 2D… no wait, 3D refresh of classic Space Invaders arcade game!


Voxel Invaders – 2D… no wait, 3D refresh of classic Space Invaders arcade game!

Voxel Invaders is a retro space shooter, similar at first to the timeless Space Invaders yet with a special switch to 3D area shooting. Save our galaxy by beating waves of oncoming invaders. It’s simple to play and extremely simple to obtain soaked up into. Take a look at this testimonial to experience why you’ll be downloading this absolutely addictive video game!

Price: Free, $0.99

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Retro voxel styled graphics and excellent!
  • Easy to play and really addicting!
  • Familiar gameplay plus lots of power-ups!
  • Clever 3D mode!


Voxel Invaders brings a classic retro video gaming style to your Android. At first look it’s very similar in gameplay to Space Invaders, you fire upwards at oncoming baddies as they gradually move down. Nevertheless, unlike the original there are no safety patches and you can maneuver freely in any direction as much as you ‘d such as. What attract attention about the video game is when you shoot an opponent and collect a power-up that suddenly switches to a 3D mode. You suddenly appear behind your space craft firing towards the baddies in front of you with an invisible guard. It’s a sudden distinction that, when it occurs the first time, is a little disorientating, however very cool nonetheless.

Voxel Invaders is a very simple game to play- just move your finger over the screen to direct your craft and fire is automatic. You feel a subtle vibration when striking enemies. I should also point out that it’s ridiculously addictive– stages zip quite swiftly and it’s difficult to take down!

There are 24 levels which include even more than 140 stages to finish, 3 skill levels to attempt and a manager to fight at the end of level areas. Gather and make use of power-ups like extra lives plus there are 9 various weapons to make use of. The numerous weapons have actually limited finite shots which include single laser blaster, quick & double shooter, radius blaster, looking for rockets, plus more.

The goal is to prevent and blast all enemies while gathering all 3 stars in the batch of waves while you survive unharmed. At the end of the waves you are scored by stars collected, fatality toll and speed then progress to the next addictive batch of waves. As the game’s title suggests the graphics are voxel graphics which appear like Legos providing a slick 2D and 3D environment. The music track features cool electronic tunes.

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