UPDATED: No need for iOS 8 hate. Here are fixes for Wi-Fi and battery drain bugs


UPDATED: No need for iOS 8 hate. Here are fixes for Wi-Fi and battery drain bugsPosted by admin on March 3rd, 2015 12:01 PM

Update: Apple provided the iOS 8.0.1 patch today, one week after the iOS 8 launch, nevertheless, the release notes for the upgrade do not resolve the Wi-Fi and battery drain bugs being reported.

Further compounding the problem, iOS 8.0.1 presented brand-new glitches for Touch ID and cellular reception. It has actually because been drawn, so in addition to our repairing recommendations below, don’t upgrade from iOS 8 just yet.

Original story…

Like clockwork, iOS 8 bugs are making Apple’s flat-looking os feel a bit even more unequal partly due to Wi-Fi connection problems and battery drain issues.

That methods almost half of the active iPhones and iPads currently running the software are open to the same problems we have actually seen during every current launch.

All of those brand-new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners can’t easily roll back to iOS 7 given that it comes pre-installed, and honestly, we liked all of the modifications in our iOS 8 evaluation.

Luckily, if you’re trying to find a fast Wi-Fi and battery drain fix, you won’t have to wait up until the inescapable iOS 8.0.1. There are options to hold you over till the next update.

Wi-Fi problems

A little, however vocal group of users have actually experienced slow Wi-Fi or have been unable to link to their router. They should not need to resort to utilizing their data plans.

We found that diving into Settings) Reset) Reset Network Settings addressed the iOS 8 Wi-Fi troubles. Do not stress, this reset only cleans your Wi-Fi logins.

Others have discovered that heading into Privacy) Place Services) System Settings (all the way down at the bottom) and switching off Wi-Fi Networking sufficed.

This recommendation does not actually switch off Wi-Fi. It simply voids using nearby Wi-Fi networks to aid GPS in identifying your location faster and accurately.

It’s a helpful feature, however one you can live without up until a proper fix for slow Wi-Fi launches in the next update.

Battery drain

Even with the huge iPhone 6 Plus and its strong 1 Day of talk time, battery drain stays a problem. There are brand-new options, however.

Apple actually assists deal with numerous of our battery issues in iOS 8 with a practical battery usage breakdown. It’s a bit buried, however worth looking at every once in a while.

To discover which apps are draining your battery life, see Settings) General) Use) Battery Use and be sure to close or uninstall energy-sucking apps you don’t need or make use of.

The 2nd recommendation is to back out of there as far as the General settings menu. Head into Background App Refresh and switch off any apps that do not require your immediate attention (Dropbox, Podcasts and Weather are three prime examples)

Beyond that, you can make use of the typical anti-battery draining techniques in your toolbelt.: dim the brightness, shut off e-mail push alerts, restriction app notifications and disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. It’s easier than ever to toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with the swipe-up-from-the-bottom Control Center overlay introduced in iOS 7.

Looking to the future

When all else fails, hang on tight for another month. iOS 8.0.1 should be right here in October if Apple’s pattern is true.

After all, Apple still has to introduce Mac OS X Yosemite in October and relaunch its Health app. It might have brand-new MacBooks and an iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 on October 21 to boot.

In the meantime, if you have your own crafty method of taking care of iOS 8 troubles or require aid, do not hesitate to troubleshoot in the remarks.

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