Updated: Nexus 6 release date, news and rumors


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Nexus 6 release date, information and rumors

The Nexus 5 showed up in the second half of 2013, continuing the brand’s mantra of high specs, low cost and a pure version of Android.

did not0 now well into 2014, so our ideas are turning in the direction of Google’s next version of Nexus gadget, although the opportunity of the Nexus 6 really appearing is not really ensured.

There’s been talk about Google’s new Android Silver program, where the search engine is obviously turning to crucial smartphone producers and offering resources to make high-end devices in collaboration with Google.

Some are suggesting that this might be the death of the Nexus line, with @ evleaks asserting: “There’s no Nexus 6. Goodbye, Nexus. Don’t fret, there’s a silver lining to this cloud … Android Silver, circa February 2015. “

But do not stress Nexus fans, as Android’s head of engineering Dave Burke has actually validated the brand is still ‘invested in Nexus’.

Mentions of the Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 8 tablet have also been spied by eagle eyed devs who’ve actually been looking with code for Google’s Chromium browser – giving us wish the Nexus 6 is still on the cards.

For now though absolutely nothing is confirmed and the Nexus 6 can still arrive this year.

Cut to the chase

Nexus 6 release date and price

The Nexus 5 was announced on October 31 2013, striking establishments in November of the exact same year.

In terms of the Nexus 6 release date we are expecting the handset to show up around the exact same time in 2014.

Considering the Nexus 5 gone for $349, ₤ 299 for the 16GB model we ‘d anticipate the Nexus 6 to acquire a similar pricing structure, although if it’s rocking some significant tech it might come in a little more costly.

Nexus 6 operating system

The Nexus 6 might be the very first gadget to run the next version of Google’s os, which we now know to be Android L, after it was announced at Google I/O earlier this year.

When Google introduces a new major variation of its software application it typically offers up some hardware too.

The Nexus 5 introduced the arrival of Android KitKat and the Nexus 6 appears the sensible choice for the next installation, although there’s always a chance that will we will see the Google Nexus 10 (2014) or an upgraded Nexus 7 slate rather.

Nexus 6 design

Korean maker LG was being hotly tipped for a 3rd term as Google’s Nexus smartphone manufacturer, and while the Nexus 5 bore similarities to last year’s LG G2, some sources reckon the Nexus 6 will apparently be based upon the LG G3.

That’s all been brought into question though as LG has actually now rejected any involvement in the Nexus 6. That begs the concern of who then will be making it in LG’s location, however it likewise eliminates most of the concepts that’d actually been distributing.

They may have a point however, as Motorola is another producer being linked to the Nexus 6, with reports of a handset codenamed “Shamu” doing the rounds.

We could’ve now captured our very first peek of the Nexus 6, as the Android Twitter account tweeted a photo featuring an unidentified Nexus handset.

The phone was not the focus of the image, so it’s possible that it’s just a generic mock-up, however that then pleads the question of why they did not4 simply use a Nexus 5 for it.

Either way there’s very little to eliminate from it, all we can inform is that it’s a black rectangular shape with curved corners, large bezels above and below the screen and small ones at the side. There’s no indicator of any buttons on it, which might mean they have been relocated to the back, on the other hand they can simply be flush with the edges or concealed by the fingers.

The thin side bezels might mean that it’s taking a comparable method to the LG G3, by packing a larger screen into a comparable sized framework, however again it does not resemble LG itself has anything to do with the phone.

Nexus 6 display

Beating the LG drum once again, and one report pegs the Nexus 6’s screen size at 5.5 inches, which is the same as the LG G3, but with LG relatively not included that’s probably just a coincidence if it’s even real.

Going back to the Motorola leakage, and the “Shamu” handset obviously sports a considerable 5.9-inch display which would push the gadget firmly into phablet territory.

We reckon it’s extremely unlikely that the Nexus 6 will certainly be a phablet providing, so unless Shamu shows up alongside a more standard handset (around 5-inches in size), it probably won’t see the light of day.

did not3 also now seen another leak, this time on GFXBench, which lists a 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 QHD display. That’s big and high resolution but seems more probable than 5.9 inches.

Nexus 6 power

It resemble the Nexus 6 might be a real monster. The Motorola Shamu, which is believed to be the Nexus 6, appeared on GFXBench. It’s so far just finished a single test but together with the results you can see that it’s a 2.6 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM, which would make it a match for other smartphone out there. A similar listing has also appeared on AnTuTu, disclosing an Adreno 420 GPU.

Nexus 6 camera

Not much is found out about the camera yet, but a leakage on GFXBench for the Shamu notes a 12MP snapper with UHD video recording, which would be a step up from the lacklustre 8MP electronic camera on the Nexus 5.

It may even be a little much better still, as according to a similar listing on AnTuTu it’ll actually have a 13MP main cam, plus a 2.1 MP front-facing one.

Nexus 6 fingerprint scanner

With the iPhone 5S, HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy S5 all sporting finger print scanners it’s no surprise that other top-end handsets are being connecteded to the biometric tech.

The Nexus 6 is no exception, with Android Geeks citing a “trusted source” who asserts the handset will indeed feature a finger print scanner.

The essential functions the Nexus 6 needs

Fans of the cutting edge vanilla Android experience were quick to fall in love with the Nexus 5. It ushered in Android 4.4 KitKat with a hot Google Experience Launcher on top, however it was not perfect.

Here’s exactly what our friendly community search giant could do to obtain us excited about the Nexus 6.

A bigger battery

Battery life has actually bossed the chart of complaints in the smartphone market for years now and in 2012’s Nexus was a major culprit, with a continuously strange quantity of power suckage.

Scraping through a day just is not good enough. If did not5 going to pack a growing number of tempting functions into a gadget with a lovely hypnotizing display, then please give it enough juice to fulfil our compulsive use.

A better camera

Google made some swift changes to present an update that fixed up the Nexus 5 camera, however it’s still an evident prospect for enhancement. A brand-new variation of Android ought to deal with the software application side, however the Nexus 6 is going to need to pack some decent hardware.

Nokia is the existing gold standard with the 41MP-toting Lumia 1020, however the Android pack is pressing 13MP and upwards now. Obviously there’s more to a video camera than the megapixel count, however there’s a lot even more than can be done right here.

We want great quality shots, however also quick performance to assist us capture those priceless, spontaneous moments as they occur.

A slightly bigger screen

With some creative engineering and some ruthless bezel slicing we are getting bigger displays without smartphones growing to absurd proportions, although phablets are now a thing. Maybe the 6 will describe the screen size.

Realistically 6 inches could be pushing things too far, but we might constantly make use of even more screen realty.

We wish to see the Nexus 6 creep up a touch past 5 inches without becoming unwieldy. A slight boost in screen size without additional bulk would hit the spot perfectly. An edge-to-edge display has long been a dream for smartphone fans.

A 64-bit processor

Since Apple made the jump to a 64-bit processor in the iPhone 5S it’s inevitable that other makers will want to do the same. It does not matter if there is not really much obvious short-term advantage.

App developers and makers will have the ability to recognize the capacity of this in years to come, but perception is essential and that’s factor enough for the Nexus 6 to require a 64-bit processor.

Dual speakers

The front-facing dual-speaker setup on the HTC One M8 is without a doubt nice and the more we eat media on our smartphones the more vital it ends up being to get decent noise.

The Nexus 5 had one speaker at the bottom and it was less than outstanding. It’s another obvious target for an area of enhancement on the Nexus 6 and it would behave if headphones did not1 a demand for delighting in music on your phone.

A new form

The LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round have started the shift to versatile displays which will certainly allow brand-new type aspects.

A gentle curve is very little to get delighted about, and it’s still most likely prematurely for the complete capacity of versatile displays to be realized, however anything that takes smartphones away from the black rectangle convention could be excellent.

A Nexus 6 with a truly intriguing design and some software application innovation from Google can point the means for the advancement of the smartphone.

At the very least a kind of secondary display part on the edge for at-a-glance performance and controls. Possibly even a dual-screen set-up with a low energy secondary display for notices.

Always listening

The big USP for the Moto X was the voice recognition, allowing you to issue commands to Google Now without using your hands. The idea of hands-free operation has constantly been hampered by the have to press something first.

If the Nexus 6 was constantly listening for its master’s voice, we could be tempted to make better use of Google’s fortune-telling digital butler.

A 2K display

Full HD with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution is still the standard for top-end Android smartphones, however QHD 2560 x 1440 displays are simply around the corner.

By the time the Nexus 6 is because of show up the 5.5-inch QHD LG G3 will be on sale, and possibly even the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime also.

It did not4 be a shock if the Nexus 6 brought us a new level of pixel density. It’s probably prematurely for 4K displays, but we are heading during that direction, and this would at least provide a Nexus the heading grabbing functions we like.

Of course, just if it can be done inexpensively. We don’t wish to lose the low rates did not2 ended up being familiar with.

Biometric security

Face Unlock was a gimmicky feature that showed up in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It did not always work and it was easy to spoof with an image however finding brand-new methods to effortlessly, however safely, unlock your smartphone is still on the program.

Apple’s Touch ID uses your fingerprints and there’s a digit scanner in the Galaxy S5 too. If this sort of security is set to end up being a brand-new standard, then the Nexus 6 needs to get on board.


We’ve actually seen Kevlar layer from Motorola and waterproofing from Sony and Samsung, and there’s no doubt the Nexus line could stand to condition.

You just have to eye any Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 forum to discover tales of problem from hapless owners with shattered screens.

Flexible display innovation might put an end to broken and broken screens. Waterproofing has left the rugged category behind and burglarized the mainstream. A Nexus 6 that can survive a dunk and doesn’t need a polycarbonate overcoat is surely on the cards.

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