The Humble Mobile Bundle for Android is Live


The Humble Mobile Bundle for Android is Live

I always enjoy seeing a new Humble Bundle for Android arrive, and the last one brought some great games into the Play Store. The Humble Mobile Bundle has just been released, and things are just a little bit different this time around…

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The previous Android Humble Bundles offered up killer Android games, but threw in PC & Mac copies of the game as well along with soundtracks whenever they were available. The new Humble Mobile Bundle still offers up great games, but sans the extra platforms. Everything else is the same, and you still get to choose how you want to divide your donation. As for the games in the new Bundle, here’s what you can get. Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, and Bladeslinger will go to those who pay the average price, and if you pay a little bit more you’ll “unlock” two additional games with Metal Slug 3 and The Room. Not too shabby eh?

At the time of this writing the average price of the Bundle is $5.53, and while we’ve seen most of these games before, The Room is making its Android debut and Bladeslinger hasn’t been out long at all. If this bundle falls in line with the previous ones, you can also expect to see a few new games added sometime next week. You’ve got a little less than two weeks to get in on the deals; if you’re ready to get your game on you can hit the link below and pick up the Humble Mobile Bundle.

The Humble Mobile Bundle

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