Symbian : CPU Speed Test s60v5 signed


Symbian : CPU Speed Test s60v5 signed CPU Speed Test

CPU Calculating Speed Test
Now, there are very lot of”fake” overclocks.
Here’s a simple program, that tests the CPU, and is independent from free RAM, SDCard speed…
It tests the CPU by calculating the 2^1000000.
Just start, your phone will automatically get locked, and, after ~50 secs you’ll see your results for 3 seconds, then the program will close.
Normal result for 5800 OFW is4.9***, 5800 N97 is 5.1*** and for C5-03 is 3.6***
See the difference?
Now we can test all “overclock”mods.
The program is signed.Attached Files

    (80.6 KB)

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