SignEasy: Sign Documents. An app for every business person!


SignEasy: Sign Documents. An app for every business person!

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SignEasy: Sign Documents is an essential app for each company individual. No more do you’ve to be on a computer system to execute a contract … fill it out as well as sign it from a smartphone or tablet.

Price: Free App, $4.99 per 10 documents or $29.99 annual subscription

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Easily indication and complete vital documents from a smartphone or tablet!
  • Multiple signers!
  • Many electronic documents supported!
  • Import & export to shadow file apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote!


  • No technique to re-edit specific elements.
  • Can’t rotate file or aspects.


If you are a business person like myself you recognize with the problems of carrying out agreements and would believe it would be simpler in a digital age. Send/receive the file (most likely a PDF), read it over, print it, fill it out and sign it, scan it, then email it back. Obviously there are e-signature software you can buy to digitally sign it, but exactly what if you are taking a trip and have an impulse to finish a document? Enters SignEasy. Now the process can be streamlined to receiving a file, complete with text & sign it, then email back all through app.

Initially you should establish your signature profile which you sign the gadget with your finger like all the popular mobile eCommerce app options such as Square or PayPal. You can go further and hand write your initials and type them, plus save your typed full name, email address, company, date format and other fields you specify like title, and so on. To make use of the app you’ve to first import a document, this be can from an email app or file saved on your gadget. These make it easy to enter in forms later on. SignEasy supports a variety of formats: PDF, Microsoft Workplace, Open Workplace, photo formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), text, HTML, Apple Pages and more. When a file is open you can pan & zoom into underlined fields and import predefined products previously mentioned or compose free-form text and obviously add your signature.

Moving items is a tad bit cumbersome as you’ve to long-press to move or drag the document around the placed aspect. Unfortunately, you can’t readjust a specific aspect after it’s positioned. You’ll certainly need to start from the beginning for minor changes. I personally had a problem with a document sent to me signed, however, it was in a sideways landscape position instead of traditional picture and I couldn’t rotate the document or aspects to match it. Nevertheless, you can send it to approximately 3 different signers to use the app for performing signatures which is convenient! Finally, you can export docs to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote with the premium service.

Speaking of premium functions, some include defense of your signature with a 4 digit passcode, you can instantly forward a signed copy to a defined e-mail address, customize the e-mail footer or export the signature by means of email as a PNG image file. However, the introduction of Continuity function permits you to backup digital copies of your signed documents to SignEasy’s cloud to resume on another device (even cross platform) once signed in. These files can be conserved as pre-filled drafts to save time, and considering that there’s offline syncing files can be executed when back online.

The app is complimentary to download and you get 3 documents to sign at no charge. Afterwards, upgrading to premium expenses $29.99 annually for unlimited docs, cloud storage combination and offline signing. They also have a 10 document offer for a $4.99 pay as you go option.


For business folks, salespeople, legal professionals, etc. this kind of app can be indispensable for filling and performing signatures on while on the go or fixed!

Ease of Use:

I personally want specific aspects can be easily adjusted, besides this the app is straightforward to make use of. Setting preset profiles make it convenient for filling common things like date, initials, title, email, and so on

Frequently Used:

I’d picture this is an app you use as needed and not as regular unless you’ve the type of profession that revolves around file signing.

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