Rumor: Key Lime Pie possible No show at I/O


Rumor: Key Lime Pie possible No show at I/O

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There is a rumor flying around today that suggest that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie may be delayed. This rumor unfortunately directly effects the hype and excitement of next month’s Google I/O event. The rumored delay time frame for Key Lime Pie is a possible 2-4 months. This rumor comes from Gadgetronica whose “internal resources” have added it to the news rumor mill.

These internal resources suggest that the reason for the unfortunate delay of Key Lime Pie could be that Google has realized that their software development has outpaced their OEM producers. This is a logical assumption because in general hardware is a slower developing industry than software. A look at the Android OS versions that are spread across the multitude of available and active android devices show that the majority of Android devices still run Gingerbread. If only a quarter of Android devices are currently running Jelly Bean, how can well can we expect Key Lime Pie to be do? By delaying, Google will allow the field to catch up to their software production.

As much as it has the potential to sadden an Android fan, this rumor shows that Google is unwilling to tease the I/O audience with software that we can’t use because the hardware to use it is not available yet. If Key Lime Pie is actually delayed for 4 months it could be making its debut in direct competition with iOS 7. The ideas of stalling a release date to steal some of Apple’s thunder and timing Key Lime Pie to achieve maximum hardware compatibility seem to be smart moves that lend this rumor and air of truth.

Source- gadgetronica

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