Quick Review – 3D Hunting: African Militia


Quick Review – 3D Hunting: African Militia

I normally don’t intentionally review “bad” Android games as there are more than enough to go around so I try and just bring showcase the good ones. Occasionally, I come across a game that looks like it’ll be a winner only to find out it’s not, and that’s the case with 3D Hunting African Militia from Machineworks Northworks.

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As you’d expect 3D Hunting: African Militia is all about hunting and there are quite a few different game preserves to choose from with Zebra, Rhino, Lion, Water Buffalo, Giraffe, and Elephant. Unfortunately of those six only one is unlocked from the beginning, and 3 are listed as coming soon which means you only have access to three and two of those will cost you. Strike one against the game…The actual hunting is another fail for me; it’s very easy to shoot animals, but you can’t move around at all so if an animal goes out of range (happens a lot) you’ll have to wait for it to come back. Once you kill a certain number of animals things get tricky as poachers appear and start shooting at you.

The poachers are tough (but easy) to kill as they’re wearing body armor and it will take quite a few shots to bring them down; luckily they are horrible shots and you should be able to take them out with ease. The shooting seems accurate enough, and there is no reloading as you can unleash as many bullets as you want by simply tapping the icon. As far as the gear is concerned there are only 4 weapons to choose from and you’ll basically have to buy them as currency comes in the form of “skins” and they are not easy to earn in the game. You can buy skins and I will admit their prices are good so the guns are affordable, but it’s unlikely you’ll play long enough to get them for free. There are also 4 pieces of gear you can purchase including armor to help against the poachers


As much as I wanted to like 3D Hunting African Militia, it just feel flat in too many areas for me. You basically have to buy new guns, you can’t move, there aren’t many areas available to play in and you have to buy those as well or play the game until your blue in the face to unlock them. Graphically the game is sound, but that’s really the only good thing I can say about it. It was also a little unsettling to hear the animals “death cries” when you take them down; if it was a lion roaring that would be different, but personally I never wanted to hear what a dying Zebra sounds like as it’s pretty pitiful.

3D Hunting African Militia is a good example of a game gone wrong, and an even better example of how you can’t trust the market ratings. The game currently has a 3.9 which isn’t bad, but if you browse the comments you can tell a lot of them are pretty suspect, especially when there are 4-star comments talking about their girlfriends or hammers and the like. I’m sure some people will like this one as there’s no accounting for taste… but I’m going to recommend that everyone pass on this one as there are much better hunting games out there. If you still want to give it a shot you can pick up 3D Hunting: African Militia for free on Google Play.

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