Hungry Shark – Part 3 v3.1.1


Hungry Shark – Part 3 v3.1.1 Hungry Shark – Part 3 v3.1.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Hungry Sharks – Part 3 is a platform game in which you are a shark looking for food on the sea

This is the part 3 of Hungry Sharks (there’s only paid version £3.25) that contains an underwater volcano complete with an evil genius’ secret lair, Enemy Sharks, Massive Oil Rigs, Underwater Oil Slicks, Shark Finners, the mythical Kempy Bass plus more than 20 other new creature types to feast upon. What’s more, it has overtaken the previous versions regarding 3D graphics, interface and amount of animals. The other parts are still on the market.

As all the animals on Earth, the sharks need to be fed. The sea is full of food to satisfy their appetite. So, help this one to survive by catching marine biodiversity and to survive in deep ocean.

There are different animals (and even human beings) to it, and depending on its size or on how rare they are, they will make you score more points. You will also get extra points by catching objects coming from the world above. The more you eat, the bigger you get. The shark’s body size will change every time you level up. There’s only one game mode, a sort of “Endless mode” in which you’ll have to survive by feeding the shark and by avoiding marine mines, jelly belly and other enemies. However, you can get some achievements by completing challenges. You can shares your scores on online leaderboard to show other how good you manage the game.

The shark is controlled by tilt controls (to move), and alternate touch controls (to boost). The controls aren’t as accurate as they should be, specially regarding tilt controls.

Hungry Sharks – Part 3 has been developed by Future Games of London, an emerging developer who has launched just this app and its updating releases.

Hungry Shark – Part 3is a good timewaster. We’re missing more game modes and more accurate tilt controls, but the game is still really worth. High recommendable

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