Hungry? Can’t leave because you’re too deep into the game? Snapfinger will fill your gut


Hungry? Can’t leave because you’re too deep into the game? Snapfinger will fill your gut

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We have all been at the point where hunger trumps all, so we should thank the digital gods for Snapfinger. Whether you are in your office or involved in a game, at home or at a friend’s place, your stomach will rumble. There is no reason why hardworking and hard playing users should not have easy access to the life sustaining materials that will keep you going. For those of us that are constantly connected, feeding ourselves is sometime a hindrance to productivity and ass kicking. Look no further, we can now use our Android tech to have the food brought to you through Snapfinger.

Snapfinger is the key to working through lunch. Snapfinger is simple, easy and, based on your taste, delicious. Snapfinger allows you to peruse your local menus. After you have made a decision from the menus of restaurants such as Subway, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, and Pick Up Stix, you can chose to have your intern make the pick up or you can have it delivered. While you decide what you will eat you can also decide what credit card to use for your purchase or if you need to shake down your co-workers or neighbors.

Whether you access Snapfinger online or from your Android device, it’s free, quick, and easy – and once you use it, you’ll use it again. The smart business angle that Snapfinger is utilizing is that they have essentially made themselves the middle man between you and the food. You don’t pay for Snapfinger’s service but the restaurant you order from picks up the difference because of the online exposure that Snapfinger provides.  Snapfinger wants you to create a profile so that your orders can be processed faster. Be aware: By utilizing this app you will essentially put the best of the local food at your fingertips which will solve your lunch and dinner problems while also, possibly, adding inches to your waist line.  Anyone hungry?

Source- snapfinger

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