Galaxy Siege 2 – build the ultimate spacecraft and conquer the galaxy


Galaxy Siege 2 – build the ultimate spacecraft and conquer the galaxy

Galaxy Siege 2 is an outstanding action arcade game to cut unusual opponents generating towards your spaceship and dominate each planet in the solar system. The key is to construct and upgrade modules to produce the ultimate spacecraft. Take a look at this testimonial and see why you’ve to download and play this video game!

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Use method to adjust and construct the best spacecraft!
  • Cunning opponents get gradually tougher!
  • Fluid smooth animations, excellent graphics and sound!
  • Very addictive!


  • Minor: can not go back to replay some worlds.


Galaxy Siege 2 is an epic stellar battle to build a spacecraft equipped to clear throngs of aliens baddies, eliminate the boss and dominate the solar system. The ship is modular, so you can move parts as required. However, in the Engineering Station you purchase different weapons, services and upgrades. You acquire modules with blue crystals and gold stars collected in the field. Making use of the blue crystals you can get upgrades while more effective upgrades have to be unlocked with stars. Tapping on each module shows their advantages. These are put in the modules bay for interchanging as needed, or offered back to renew crystals yet at half the purchase rate. It’s a constant battle of strategy to balance defense, offense, and fuel within the finite area of your craft.

Controlling your crafts is easy, drag from side to side to navigate towards currency or far from high throngs. In the beginning you’ll find out of the challenges such as equipping your ship with adequate fuel to reach the end of level boss. Other levels will certainly teach you to include more offensive weapons, others more about defense to make it farther and those that need the ideal mix of all. My only minor gripe is that you can not go back to replay some worlds- just forward development, which is great.

As you progress you’ll certainly find out through duplicating levels how finest to handle the ship. Planets get very hard too- watch for invasions, opponents that shoot at you and powerful bosses that can eliminate your modules in a couple of strikes. While in battle you’ve to always keep a watch on your modules so they are not eliminated- they’ve a meter simply below them. It’s more vital enemies don’t destroy your harvester bays- if destroyed you’ll lose the currency collected. One ace you’ll constantly have up your sleeve is the evacuation button down ideal corner. When things get too heavy or your ship can not progress you can get out of there and reconstruct. A little approach I personally use when in need of currency is to gather as much and before it gets insane evacuate and bail- retrying till I can acquire the upgrades I need to win.


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