Facebook Home is here and the Ads are right around the corner


Facebook Home is here and the Ads are right around the corner

Facebook Home, like all aggressive business moves, has a basic goal of enterprise expansion and revenue generation. The Facebook Home demonstration showed off a sleek interface and user friendly environment made to seamlessly merge your social media experience into our everyday mobile device usage. For a company whose product is essentially free, money generated by advertisements is life’s blood.

There were no visible advertisements during the demonstrations but Mark Zuckerberg has made it perfectly clear that sometime after the launch we will be seeing ads throughout Facebook Home. Much like Google, Facebook makes large amounts of its revenue by exposing its users to as many ads as it can by the most tasteful means possible. When asked if ads will become a regular part of Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg simply replied, “Yup!” The means of implementing the advertisement campaigns will be Cover Feed and according to Zuckerberg it will be treated simply as just another type of available content. It has been reported that by distributing ads via Cover Feed we will begin to see advertisements for products, businesses, and apps on our lock screens as well as our Home screen. It is also logical to assume that ads will not be restricted to these locations because essentially the more ads Facebook Home can expose you to the more money will be generated.

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Advertisement is a part of all of our lives whether we like it or not. The average consumer is exposed to somewhere around 5000 ads a day, possibly more considering all the different means of exposure. Facebook Home will increase that number however we must consider that increasing advertisement exposure is no longer a trend but a documented fact of our existence. If we all want and need Facebook to expand and Facebook Home to be successful it has to be paid for somehow, and advertisement is the key.

Source- theverge

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