Dojo Madness. Use your master Kung-Fu skills to Attack & Defend the dojo


Dojo Madness. Use your master Kung-Fu skills to Attack & Defend the dojo

Dojo Madness is a cute and clever Kung-Fu fighting game with emphasis on good timing. You play the part of Ninja Raccoon, a relatively peaceful soul whose dojo is overrun with baddies. In classic martial arts-style, Ninja Raccoon stands in the middle of his dojo and the enemies come to him. You have to take the out with directional taps. Good timing is imperative in this cunning and fun little game.

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Price: ~$0.99

Tested on: HTC Desire HD
Content Rating: Low Maturity Android Game Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • Cool graphics!
  • Easy to play!
  • Great moves!
  • Good music and sound effects!


  • Gets a little repetitive after a while.


Dojo Madness is a martial arts game all about good timing. You are Ninja Racoon, alone in your tranquil dojo, only to find it invaded with enemies. They come at you from all directions and, armed only with your Ninja staff and spiritual essence power, it’s your duty to take them down. Controls are easy, you stand in the middle and when the baddies are in range you tap the direction they are coming from and Ninja Raccoon attacks them. Double tap in a direction and he will send out a long range attack in the form of energy. You can also defend yourself by tapping directly on Raccoon Ninja- he then goes into a defensive stance which takes far less damage.

There is a useful circle around our hero which helps indicate when enemies are in range. As soon as they enter that ring you can take them out. Bigger enemies stand back and fire energy waves at you. To defeat these you’ll need to double tap in their direction with an energy blast of your own.

All this creates a thoroughly action packed affair and you have to gauge which baddie are closest in order to avoid attacks from others. You score points by defeating enemies and your attacks become more powerful the higher your combo rate. Your life is on the left hand side in red, and your energy power is on the right. This replenishes after it is used, but it means you can only fire so many energy blasts in one go. While playing the game I found it very intuitive and challenging. It’s also incredibly addictive, it has a one-more-go factor that is truly compulsive.

Watch on Mobile

Dojo Madness – Splash screen
Dojo Madness – Main menu
Dojo Madness – Once enemies enter that circle, get them!


Dojo Madness – Circle round
Dojo Madness – Bring it on!
Dojo Madness – Long range attack


Dojo Madness – Defeated!
Dojo Madness – C grade
Dojo Madness – End of level ‘E’ grade

Fun Factor:

Dojo Madness is a lot of fun but strictly in a casual sense. For 5, 10, 15 minutes it’s bursting with coolness, but it’s not a game you can play for hours on end. Controls become a little repetitive and despite the awesome graphics and sound, the gameplay does feel very one dimensional after a while.


I found the game to be very addictive indeed. It’s perfect for picking up on a commute or whenever you have a spare 10 minutes to play a game. After continual play it does feel a little like a kind of bug- squashing game, but nonetheless it is very engrossing and easily captivates you.


The graphics are very good and well designed. The sweeping intro environment is rich 3D and the sprites are cartoon drawn and detailed. The animations and action is top-notch and looks brilliant, perfect for a mobile device.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound is exemplary and full of fighting sounds and oriental music. There is a voice over guy who chants positive messages when you go up a level of power and when you get so many hits in a combo.

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