Does the HTC Rezound Hide Secret Global Radios?


Does the HTC Rezound Hide Secret Global Radios?

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Add this to the list of LTE phones with possible global capabilities. It appears that the HTC Rezound has global radios that work without an unlock code. It was found by a UK user who ordered the phone over the holidays hoping that they could get it to work on T-Mobile. After placing a SIM card in the device and changing the network settings to “WCDMA Only” he had a working connection with data.

Now, Both HTC and Verizon claim that this Beats phone doesn’t have global capabilities but if you delve into this few week old thread that is the source,  you’ll find that more and more people are discovering that it does. So if you are in the market for a phone that is usable overseas, then I certainly recommend this phone with it’s decent price of $199.99. Given its unlockable bootloader, I am sure that ROMs for the Rezound will certainly take advantage of it. Enjoy!

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