Day-Timer Plan2Go. Sync Google, Outlook, Yahoo Calendars & Facebook events


Day-Timer Plan2Go. Sync Google, Outlook, Yahoo Calendars & Facebook events

Day-Timer® Plan2Go™ is a calendar app that potentially allows you to sync with Google, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars plus Facebook events. The app even allows for syncing Outlook Tasks all intended to help you stay more productive. Is the app worth the price? We’ll determine in our app review…

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Price: $7.99

Tested on: DROID Bionic
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Pros & Cons:


  • Sync phone’s calendar, Google calendar(s), Facebook events, Outlook calendar and Yahoo calendar (some phones not supported) from one application!
  • Can sync with Outlook Tasks when you download and install plug-in for Outlook.


  • A lot of technical work involved to get every boasted aspect to work correctly. Recommended for advanced users.
  • We could not get Outlook calendar sync to work at all.
  • Doesn’t work on tablets.
  • No home screen widget.


Plan2Go is a productivity app that connects a variety of calendars from; your phone, Google Calendar, Facebook events, Outlook calendar, and Yahoo calendar (if your phone is supported for the latter two) in one convenient app. The Facebook events sync is convenient for keeping up with friends’ birthdays. And just like the Google Calendar app you can toggle which calendar you would or would not like to see if you have multiple calendars synced like myself. It offers an additional functionality to sync with Outlook Tasks (via a plug-in), you can switch between monthly/weekly and daily views, plus it houses many productivity inspirational tips inside. As a side note: the developer promises the app will sync with Google Tasks in the future as currently it doesn’t.

I personally had very high hopes for this app going into it as I thought it would easily and conveniently solve a common problem most folks experience when they want to sync Outlook to Android, including tasks. However, in my particular case I could not sync an Outlook calendar using a DROID Bionic. I was able to install the Plan2Go Outlook Tasks Sync plug-in and have a two-way sync however. Do note, in Outlook Tasks, you have to be sure to manually click “Day-Timer Addin” button then “Sync Tasks with Day-Timer” button in order to sync to phone, it is not automatic.

One minor peeve a have with this app is the five second splash screen you see when you first open the app between phone restarts. The branding pitch is cool, but sometimes you need to quickly open a calendar, check information and get out. Also the app does not work for tablets as of yet. It doesn’t offer a home screen widget to quickly glance at your day like the default Google Calendar widget either. Lastly, however minor, the sync icon in the top notifications bar is quite hideous and could be replaced with something more professional.

Note: in our review we did not test with Yahoo calendars at all, to be honest, we have no need for Yahoo email. :-/

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Day-Timer Plan2Go Default Monthly Calendar View
Day-Timer Plan2Go Monthly Calendar View
Day-Timer Plan2Go Calendar Appointment Details


Day-Timer Plan2Go Add New Calendar Event
Day-Timer Plan2Go Weekly Calendar View
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Day-Timer Plan2Go Settings
Day-Timer Plan2Go Synced Calendars
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For those who use Outlook or would like to integrate the Facebook events and friend’s birthdays into their existing calendars, this app is a gem. However, it doesn’t really offer superior benefit over the default Google Calendar app outside of the aforementioned.

Ease of Use:

For an average user who uses a local install of Outlook and has an Android phone, setting up everything can become quite cumbersome. If you’re an advanced user you should be able to work through most of the technical challenges.

If you’re having trouble configuring this app you can consult the developers FAQ page.

Frequently Used:

It really depends on your personal productivity needs and if you are able to properly set up your syncing needs, Plan2Go could possibly be a default calendar application to go to normally.


Plan2Go has a solid mobile interface typical of a standard app organized in tabs. Additionally, you can change from two themes; the bonus theme being “Pink” in support of Breast Cancer awareness. I’m not a fan of the weekly calendar view, especially when you have a ton of appointments; it can look quite jumbled. In all, the stronger feats of this app comes in the organized presentation of calendar information, calendar views, and the ability see information in color-coded categories.

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Tags: Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Outlook calendar, Outlook Tasks

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