Call Me! PRO v1.4.4


Call Me! PRO v1.4.4

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Customize the language of the incoming call screen
Schedule a fake call at a specific time
Shake the phone to generate a fake call instantly
Specify caller name and phone number
Select contact image
Pick a contact from the phone contact list
Select ringtone
Select one of our built-in conversation sounds to be played after answering the call. great way to prank people!
Play the conversation sound via the speaker
Add vibration to the incoming call
Delay between shake and call
Vibrate or show a message when a call is scheduled due to a shake
Control the sensitivity of the shake
Log incoming call
Rotate/flip contact image
Customize calling screens to match your own phone
Nudge – generate infinite calls until you answer
Send feedback

What’s in this version : (Updated : Nov 3, 2012)

Log incoming call
Rotate/flip contact image
fix some bugs

Required Android O/S : 2.2





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