Apple patents an iPhone camera controller with its own screen


Apple patents an iPhone camera controller with its own screen

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Apple has been provided a patent for a remote control that’d enable users to preview, take and evaluate images on their iPhones.

The patent, labelled ‘Systems and methods for remote electronic camera control,’ explains a controller that features its own screen for showing images and notifications or status from the cam. Users might also possibly modify and delete images that’d already been taken.

It would make it possible for iPhone users to more quickly take selfies, to name a few uses, the patent says.

The remote would connect to users’ iPhones by means of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or another kind of wireless connection, and it would also make it possible for users to tape-record video remotely.

Just exactly what the world requires: more selfies

Are the days of stretching one’s arm out as far as possible while still being able to tap the camera button over?

Maybe, but the iPhone camera controller can also be used to record training sessions and even more, the patent discusses.

Users can check the remote’s display or other feedback points, like LED lights, to confirm that the phone has taken an image or that it’s catching video. Part of the remote’s appeal is that users wouldn’t have to return to the phone to inspect their snapshot.

A button on the remote would likewise let users switch between cam functions and modes.

This patented iPhone video camera remote control differs profoundly from similar gadgets currently on the market, which link to an iPhone with Bluetooth and benefit from the truth that pushing the volume button on an iPhone snaps an image.

The patent was very first submitted in 2009. As always, it describes a hypothetical product that might never ever see the light of Apple Store shelves.

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