Animal Flow – a sugary cute themed copy of the popular Flow Free puzzle game


Animal Flow – a sugary cute themed copy of the popular Flow Free puzzle game

Animal Flow is a cutesy puzzle game designed for children. The simplest way to describe the game is that it’s essentially a themed version of the popular Flow Free game where you link two squares together on a grid. In Animal Flow you create a path for an animal to reach its home. Ensure you include every square on the grid and find a way for all animals to get home. It’s fiendishly challenging the further you progress and comes with stupidly addictive gameplay!

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Price: Free plus In-app Purchases

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity Android Game Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • Bright graphics!
  • Easy to play!
  • Challenging gameplay!
  • Very addictive!
  • Two modes of play!


  • A little ad-heavy to begin with.
  • Theme is great for kids, but perhaps a little too sugary for adults.


Animal Flow is an awesome little puzzle game that’s extremely simple to play and highly addictive. I reviewed a similar game, Flow Free, back in August and it quickly became a favourite among family and friends. If you’re one of the millions of users that downloaded the game, Animal Flow will feel automatically familiar. Whereas in Flow Free you simply join the neon dots, Animal Flow sees you creating paths home for various animals.

Each animal has a little animation and graphics are eye-searingly bright so the game is brilliantly suited to kids who enjoy puzzle games. The gameplay encourages logical thinking skills and levels get progressively challenging and more complex. You begin with grids sized 5×5 and gradually increase in size up to 9×9. There are 150 level in each ‘Village’ and several more villages are available by writing a game review. If you want to, there are a further seven villages which can be unlocked for $0.99 each or $3.99 for all of them. You could seriously be playing this game for a long time!

The game initially slaps a couple of ads at you- one with the ever-present banner along the bottom and another for the developers’ other games. However, once this has been minimized, you’re (thankfully) not pestered much, allowing you to get on with the action. There are two modes of play: Stage Mode sees you working your way progressively though the levels, unlocking as you progress. Then, Time Attack puts a time limit to each level and you have to complete the puzzle as fast as you can.

Animal Flow – Gameplay view (1)
Animal Flow – Gameplay view (2)
Animal Flow – Gameplay view (3)
Animal Flow – Gameplay view (4)
Animal Flow – Gameplay view (5)
Animal Flow – Gameplay view (6)
Animal Flow – Perfect score
Animal Flow – Woah ads!
Animal Flow – Start of level
Animal Flow – Level select
Animal Flow – Village select

Fun Factor:

If you enjoy fast logic puzzle games, this is great. The game is heavily themed with animals and bright colours so it might not be a title that suits everyone. If you can see around this, you’re definitely in for a treat.


If you found Flow Free difficult to put down, Animal Flow will keep you just as occupied. Levels are initially very easy and you’ll fly through many in a short space of time. Then the grid sizes increase and gameplay gets harder… but this time you’re well and truly addicted and have no choice but to carry on!


The game graphics are bright, cute, colourful and very smooth. Animals have little animations and everything is remarkably sugary. Like I mentioned before, this isn’t going to suit everyone, but for those of you who like it or do not mind, the graphics add some nice polish to the game.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The music and sound generally is of high quality and fun. As with the graphics it might be a little too cute for some people but you can easily turn it down.

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