Looks like ATeam has another game up their sleeves. The developers behind Dark Summoner and Dark Rebirth are planning to launch their brand-new game pretty soon, called the War of Legions. The game will be providing real time guild RPG struggle.

Unlike their previous games War of Legions offers a completely different gameplay. This time rather of going head on with your opponent, you take down your opponents in regards to massive teams. So, it even more of team based fight as opposed to specific, as for the tale, the 2 groups called The Legion of Order and other one The Legion of Chaos battle it out for their prominence.


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The game offer quite distinct gamplay and fight system. You collect and battle out against even more than 500 beasts and all these battles are done based upon your strategic formations. What truly sticks out in this game is the fight technicians, player have the capability to chain their attacks and increase their effect. Most of the combat system uses this team based attacks.

War of Legions presents the tale in CGI cut scenes. As for now the developers are working on the game’s launch and the pre-registrations are open now. Those of you’ll register now will be offered two unique monster called the Hailstorm Golem and the the Hell Blaze Dragon.

No official date regarding the launch of the game has actually yet been offered but when it comes to you can examine the games trailer and various other things.