Vodafone Australia will let you roam in NZ, US & UK for $5 a day

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Vodafone’s LTE network is a little older than a month old, but the telco has actually simply revealed that it’ll be presenting brand-new plans in August that’ll permit consumers to use their smart phones in NZ, United States and UK for simply $5 extra a day to help stem international roaming expense shock.

“I am horrified and surpriseded at a few of the kind of costs that we have provided to our customers and our competitors have actually released to people that we’ve actually talked with, ” Vodafone President Expense Morrow said at a media conference composed Sydney today.

“Someone informed me that simply uploading a Facebook photo while they were on vacations cost them $40. We are tired of this. It’s no more for Vodafone. “

This means that if you make or get calls and make use of information while overseas, for each day that you do, you’ll be charged a standard $5, as long as your use is within that of your mobile phone plan.

Receiving SMS will be free of cost, as will receiving calls but not answering it, nevertheless if the call visits voicemail, you’ll be charged the $5 cap.

Though this isn’t available to all Vodafone clients, those who’re on the qualified plans will have this immediately activated when they show up in NZ, US or UK.

To be revealed in August, Morrow stated that the prices for the qualified plans will be based upon Vodafone’s present most popular strategies.

Roam changer

A report by the Telecommunications Sector Ombudsman discovered that grievances about worldwide roaming fees soared by nearly 70 per cent in 2011-2012, and even more than 10 per cent of these disputes were over quantities of more than $5000.

To aid give consumers more control and much better awareness of international roaming costs, the ACMA presented the new International Mobile Roaming standard to be carried out by September 2013.

“Global roaming costs are a worldwide issue due to the fact that of the rates different networks charge each other, but the impact on our clients is too wonderful, ” Morrow said.

But while the qualified $5 roaming strategies have not yet been announced, Vodafone’s brand-new roaming cap is sure to shake up the market.

Morrow described that this is just one more step in recovering Vodafone’s brand, mentioning its brand-new “fastest 4G network”, the creation of neighborhood call center and this new roaming plan as its specific points of difference.

“No one else has been able to address this problem with this simplicity and this reduced rate. “