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Vine has brought its Android app up to speed with the iOS equivalent, including revining, camera devices, stations and even more, along with one more update that the iOS doesn’t have- a capture widget. The little homescreen widget right away boots up the Vine video recording screen so you don’t miss out on the start of those abrupt, sharable moments.

The green video icon on the Android house screen lets individual bypass the Vine homescreen feed that the app’s typical icon opens. This brand-new addition can provide Vine an edge when pitted against Instagram, which requires multiple taps to open the app and change to video before you can start tape-recording a mini-movie.

This shortcut will likely continue to be exclusively readily available to Android users, since iOS doesn’t support the home screen personalization.

All other revisions to the app were launched for iOS last week. These consist of revining for showing your fans Vines shot by someone else, 15 new stations for discovering different classifications of Vines, and secured posts for those exclusive moments. There’s the brand-new camera devices from Vine for iOS too, like a grid for lining up shots, the ghost silhouette for keeping stop-motion shots steady, and the ability to erase and reshoot your last clip.

While Vine and Instagram wish to keep the publishing flow as short and fast as possible, their latest updates reveal a big effort to please power individuals.

The Vine for Android update must be offered now or shortly from Google Play, and you can likewise get these features minus the capture widget on iOS.