Chrome packaged apps are among the most amazing upcoming platforms that might take Chrome to a whole new level. Nevertheless packaged apps at the moment aren’t offered on Chrome Stable’s Internet Store, making it difficult for enthusiasts to try them out.

The Problem with Dev Channel

Chrome packaged apps are installable on recent steady constructs of Chrome. However, to be able to check out them in the Internet Shop, you need to be in Dev or Canary Chrome builds. The only problem with changing to Dev Stations being that it changes your existing Chrome Steady installation. In case you don’t want to mess around with your steady setup, this can be a concern.

Try Chrome Canary build

chrome canary

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Chrome Canary builds are nightly constructs of Google Chrome, meanings they’re more bleeding edge than Dev Stations constructs. The best advantage of choosing Canary against the Dev stations is that you can have it set up along with your stable Chrome. We highly advise this setup compared with various other Chrome stations.

Download: Chrome Canary Build

While theoretically Chrome Canary builds can be the most volatile ones, in our complete testing we barely encountered any issues. This is largely due now robust Chromium codebase

Accessing Chrome Packaged Apps Once Installed

Head over to Internet Store in Chrome Canary. You’ll notice that all existing “webapps” are transferred to Site area of the Chrome Web Shop. Apps section now solely screens packaged apps. chrome canary webstore

The current lot of packaged apps is numbered as the Packaged apps area is restricted to the Dev and Canary sections of Chrome Internet Store. Nonetheless, the quality of apps is actually good across the board. Anticipate dramatic skyrocket in the numbers as soon as Chrome Stable gets packaged apps in the web store.

Installing Packaged Apps on Stable Chrome

Basically, Chrome Stable has complete support for all present packaged apps detailed in Chrome Canary. For this reason in order to get your preferred app in Chrome Stable, all you need is to paste the Internet Store link from Chrome Canary for your app. chrome packaged apps links

Launching Apps

chrome packaged apps launcher

Chrome Canary for now installs Chrome launcher by default letting you quickly gain access to all your Chrome apps. Additionally, you can simply look for the installed app in Windows Start Menu / Start Screen. You can also remove packaged apps straight from the launcher without starting Chrome.

Feature Landing on Chrome Stable?

There’s no specific launch when Packaged apps are concerning Chrome Stable as a function. While Chrome 29 Beta simply brought a ton of new abilities for Chrome packaged apps, Internet Store Integration may be landing in Chrome much later. Until then you can delight in screening packaged apps in Chrome Canary. Let’s know your experience!