We all find out about the substantial launches later this year. The PS4, Xbox One and a ton of various other games for the existing and next gen consoles.

But everybody keeps forgetting about the upcoming games for Android. Despite the fact that these games are not as huge as Battleground or Watch Dogs, it’s fine to get delighted! Particularly when we’re talking about exceptionally fascinating games that come at a portion of the expense of their big brothers and sisters on next gen consoles. We’ve a list of the top 5 games we are looking forward to play by the end of 2013, ensure you inspect it out below!

hottest android games

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5. Fetch

Release: Later this year

4. Fist of Awesome! 

Release: This summer

3. The Color Gray       

Release: August

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne   

Release: 8. August

1. Modern Combat 5

Release: Fall/Winter

What do you think about these hot games pertaining to Android by the end of the year? Are they on your most wanted list too?