It’s no uncertainty that Rovio had their reasonable share of success with the “Angry Birds” series. And having Rovio Stars launching “Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage” in June also had success with mobile players. And I hope that Tiny Crook can accomplish the exact same success. This really is an enjoyable, and addicting, but charming game. Keep reading fellow gamers.

Tiny Crook could be the first game that’s a great mix of adventure, stealth, and great puzzles that’s an adorable humor. The game also includes the use of the classic point and click. The controls of Tiny Criminal are as basic as tapping on the where you want to go, and afterwards you’ll see the minor thief make his means to that position. You can click on various other products such climbing a ladder will make him climb up or down, or clicking on the trick that you’ve to open a lock will be contributed to you inventory. Whatever product you click will make you do or gather something.

I cannot assist notice that when playing Tiny Thief it’s a bit of Robin Hood/Assassin’s Creed, with a little Splinter Cell, with an Angry Birds charming appeal included. It all assimilate well with the game. Now if you do not know now you play as a criminal, and when there’s a thief close by there are expecteded to be guards. And there are guards that are constantly on patrol, seeing to it that nobody is taking. The guards can be stayed clear of in a couple of ways, you can conceal in a barrel to avoid the stare of the guards and pop revoke the barrel when the guard is looking the other method, or using the environment that’ll start a domino effect, that’ll take them out of the photo.


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The visual are so well detailed and crafted. It’s a nice polished graphics with a charming appeal that simply sucks your eyes in, simply puts it’s a comics style with a cartoon humor feel to it. And when you advance further into game the levels get bigger and you won’t need to worry about moving the camera, due to the fact that the display will fill up, so you won’t need to repair the camera to where you want it.

There are 6 stages each with 5 levels, and naturally getting 3 stars when completing a level based on your performance has actually become even more of a common trend with mobile games today and Tiny Thief follows that trend too. Getting stars will usually start with taking a product, then looking for and afterwards releasing your furry minor ferret buddy, and then getting out of the level with any additional loot. I love that fact that every time you start a level you’ll see a comic book introduction, and cute animated dances as an outcome of completing a level. There may be not additional in the game however finishing a level and trying to obtain 3 stars is a reward all on its own.


Spending $2.99 on Tiny Crook is money well invested. The game will start off a little sluggish but it quickly picks up. It’s a simple game to get into. And I love how they handled to balance the use of puzzles, fun, adventure, and with using the point and click system it truly blends well into the game.

I know that there are a lot of paid games on the google play store, but investing $2.99 on Tiny Thief will be worth you cash and time. Pleased games gamers!