There’s just one ‘button’ that you need to use in order to tap this game. How tough can it be? This is the question that I’ve asked myself prior to loading The Tapping Dead and now I’m chuckling my ass off at my naivety: The Tapping Dead is a remarkably difficult game!

But this should not put you off. It’s not an impossible game and does have a great level design and great graphics – if you are into that retro, pixelated stuff that’s riding high today. And the most important thing is that it does not really have a tale and you couldn’t care less about this, as it’s all the other elements (plus a few truly bothersome ones).

the tapping dead review

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So exactly what’s the sell The Tapping Dead? You are this guy that looks like Mario and you discover yourself tossed into the Z-Mart, with just one goal in mind: get to the exit. And it’s not a simple task, considering that along the method you’ll run into a ton of barriers, typically all sorts of walking dead attempting to make your life miserable. And usually they’ll handle to do it.

Your character is constantly moving and you can just tap the display to stop him. This incredibly simple gameplay mechanic turns into a genuine game of ability and ideal timing, due to the fact that as you advance with the levels, you’ll discover them a growing number of challenging. And if the levels themselves were inadequate of an obstacle, you only start with 10 lives that you must do your finest not to lose, because that’s when the waiting game starts: you get an extra life every 10 mins approximately an optimum of 10, and even though it may seem like a lot of lives, you’ll know that it’s not after playing The Tapping Dead.

the tapping dead review1If you’ve nothing to do and you desire lives faster, you can constantly purchase them with Zoins (premium currency in the level and also the one you can spend for with genuine money) or play the tapping game within the Tapping Dead – just smash the zombies on the roads until you get a brand-new life. This is a good thing and does not make the game appear like one whose single function is to make you spend real money to get extra play chances but it still stays beautiful time consuming.

Eventually, you’ll most likely wind up playing the Tapping Dead for just a few minutes prior to your lives more than once again, considering that each level comes with a learning phase in which you’ll most likely lose a minimum of a few lives. So what makes The Tapping Dead extremely difficult and really fascinating can turn against the game, because no one suches as to play the waiting game (unless you grow cauliflowers and wait for them to expand).

Visually, The Tapping Dead comes with spectacular pixelated graphics and great adversaries, all accompanied by a 16-bit era influenced songs that goes completely with the game.

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