Facebook Android App

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If you are working on Android OS, as you probably are, because your’re here reading the write-up, you ought to understand that the Facebook Android App is fatally flawed when it comes to your online privacy. And even worse, Facebook doesn’t seem to care much, but this is barely information.

I make certain you spend component of your downtime on the Web, thanks to your Android smart device and Facebook plays a substantial role in your life. Or at least, you’ve a Facebook account, Hell, even my canine has one.

Well, I make certain you are not familiar with the reality that, even if you don’t utilize the Facebook app, this sneaky bastard steals your contact number when you first open it and guess what? Your phone number is immediately transferred to Facebook’s servers where it’s kept, for an unidentified function.

Also, it’s yet unclear why the Facebook Android App is behaving like that, possibly the code for the app was written by the NSA or something, that’d explain it.

The truly creepy component is that you don’t even need to have a Facebook account, or button with the app, when first introduced, the Facebook app just grabs your telephone number and provides it to Facebook, bang, just like that, for no particular reason.

This safety problem was discovered by Norton Anti-virus and they got in touch with Facebook, in order to report the trouble. Facebook denied any knowledge relating to the issue, they even claimed about the Facebook Android App that, let me price estimate, ‘“didn’t use or process the contact number and have actually deleted them from their servers”. What can I state? Cool story, Facebook!

Facebook Android App

Norton Inc told us that the Android Facebook App isn’t the only one stealing your exclusive data without sorrow, furhter details about various other root causes, even worse ones, are yet to surface in the coming weeks.