What I really loved about the Android Market location is the large collection of free games, free games made by indie developers, cost-free games made by leading studios. However thanks to the open-ended element of Google’s market, there comes a variety of ugly, awfully hilarious games.

Fortunately, we below at Android Entity entirely comprehend what our brethren resemble. As gamers, mobile games are not precisely the platform we want to be on- however when we are, we’re most likely playing in small windows of time, wishing for bite sized morsels of enjoyment. That’s why today- we’ll help you avoid the deviously bad games, disguising themselves in Google Play’s ‘Top Free’ section.

fast racing

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The first game to get the treatment is none other than Doodle Mobile Ltd’s, Fast Racing. A game that guarantees ‘the fastest and most exhilarating 3D competing activity’, Fast Racing sits perfectly at the number nine spot of the Google Play shop. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, and over 5 million downloads, I would not blame anybody if they downloaded the title. I ‘d just be perplexed regarding why they remained playing it.
From the get go, it’s totally apparent that Quickly Competing is just a blatant dupe of Gameloft’s launched racing series, Asphalt. Using the exact same color coated vehicle as their logo- it’s clear the quality of this game is not exactly. original.

After regrettably tapping on the icon, Fast Racing thrusts you into a fast, low-res loading display, followed by an improperly made primary menu. Right here you can pick the store icon, options, a career mode, or fast race. Why you would, I am not entirely sure.
The gameplay of Fast Racing is incredibly standard, though that in itself isn’t always an issue. Exactly what’s an issue, nonetheless, is how quickly you’ll realize there’s absolutely nothing to do. With only a small, unnecessary, drift function, and a turbo boost (activated via tap of the display)- Fast Racing attempts to offer easy to get gameplay, however actually only offers a drudgery and dull form of racing.
The AI in all of the modes will be of no challenge for anybody that’s the ability to turn their phones (or tablets), and the graphics of the game are dull, empty- and blocky. This would not be a concern, if the game itself did not promise HD graphics.
The automobiles are non-creative, and all around appearance the exact same. Upgrades and acquisitions are ludicrously priced and do not provide themselves as anything preferable. All this, plus the fact that the designers of Fast Racing have actually done nothing in specific to make you feel- well, fast, are wonderful reasons to save yourself time and memory.

All in all, the experience of Fast Racing is one that quickly races in, and out of your life. Without any worthy upgrades to get your time, an absence of obstacle from the AI, and ugly excuses for in-game models,  here at Android Entity, we have done the dirty work for you, and can safely say: prevent Fast Racing, avoid it like a frog prevents cars. And who stated you cannot complain if it’s free of cost?