You never ever know what kind of games there are at the Google play shop. Which’s why at Android Entity we see to it that we do our job at giving you the current game information and reviews. Stunt Star is a game that I saw at the Google play store, I chose to take a possibility and download it. I was shocked that this is an enjoyable game to play. Keep reading fellow players.

Now if there was ever a game that was based on Evel Knievel, Stunt Star would be it. The game revolves around this Evel Knievel-type daredevil that does stunts that just a daredevil stunt guy would do. He does all these stunt for this uncaring supervisor, who desires you to carry out all these dangerous stunts in front of a crowd loaded with bystanders.

Stunt Star is an action-based physics game. The goal of the game is to try and carry out a stunt and to do a successful land and reaching the end of the level. The stunts are fairly simple to pull off. The cool aspect of this game is that you regulate the angle of the ramp. It’s an easy at moving your finger while attempting to thoroughly angle the ramp, which is very important to do so you can get some airtime to do a successful front or back flip and at the same time to avoid different barriers such as tractors, and helicopters.


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The controls are easy after with the adjusting of the ramp you’ll need to manage your car it’s the basic use of the gas and brake pedal. Now attempting to stick a landing may take some practice, however practice does make best, and as soon as I mastered things I was able to do front, and back flips with simplicity.

The visual are amusing, and the animation dance when you complete a level is silly, and cute, and the sensible audio, and sound results, sound terrific. There are over 70 of stunt levels, with 3 Hollywood manufacturings, each of them with a various theme. I found that once I’ve actually advanced further into the game, the levels got to be harder, some of the stunts might require you to have ideal timing, or having the right selection of items. It refers having the right balance.

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years does an excellent task of combining activity and physics. The visual and audio are well done, and with over 70 levels to do it’ll keep you active for a while. This game is free at the Google play store. Happy Games Gamers