Recently the trailer of Breach & Clear, a brand-new strategic game, has actually been launched. And while we were expecting the game to be free the developers at the last minute chose to put a price to the game.

As for the information, Breach & Clear offers 3D environment with some powerful visuals. The game belongs to strategic warfare category and offers quite extreme gameplay, developed by Mighty Bunny, Weapon Media and Robert Bowling and the group is still working on the game. You’ll reach command a system of four unique ops soldiers who’ll be conducting numerous infiltration jobs and finishing lots of various other goals.

breach clear

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So far as we understand some of the significant functions of the game include complete modification of your team including rifles, grenades and all the weaponry and your team friends. Use personalization to make yourself as efficient as possible. Guide your system with a few of the most harmful scenarios through fairly easy and responsive controls. As you progress you’ll be unlocking toolbox and several other devices based upon real world.

The game was scheduled for this summer season. We’re anticipating it to strike this Thursday and it be starting both iOS and Android. So, prepare for some fantastic warfare action and stay tuned for more updates.