Samsung Galaxy S4

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You’ve to love the means lenders get it wrong all the time, that’s why nobody depends on them yet everybody utilizes their services, I’m speaking here about the recent ‘forecast’ from JP Morgan analysts, as they reduced Samung’s stock through reports about a slowing down in their Samsung Galaxy S4 sales in the near future. So much for trusting exactly what speculators are imagining. I think they stay in a fantasy world, surrounded by computers and witches or something. They take their wishes to be history in the making, type of thing.

Why the rant about the big bad lenders? Since estimate what, after the so called market analysts from JP Morgan stated that Samsung Galaxy S4 sales will begin to reduce, the markets responded and Samsung lost hundreds of millions of dollars in stock costs. All these based upon a concept from banksters which have no real connection to the real life, they’re just supposing on digital cash and reports.

Today, Samsung revealed that the sales of the Galaxy S4 are going quite damn’ excellent. Shockingly enough(if you are an Exchange crony lender), they delivered over 20 million units of their present flagship and the need is on the up and up. How about that, JP? Swallow that frog, now, and repent. I don’t quite understand why people are taking these men so seriously, really.

Well, Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in over 10 million units in the first month after its introducing, now Yonhap News, a South Korean news firm, reported that at the end of June, the sales topped 20 million devices.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s predecessor, the S3, needed over 3 months to reach that sales figure, so this brand-new born flagship smartphone just broke all previous records in with regards to sales.

Market experts predicted that S4 will be sold in over 80 million units till the end of the year. However taking into consideration the apparition of the most recent version of the flagship, the S4 LTE Advanced, I wonder how this will influence the sales figures till the end of the year.