‘Change’ is their most current ad campaign showcasing Robert Downey Jr. who signed a two-year contract to be HTC’s ‘Instigator of Change’. New ads will debut initially on YouTube on August 15th and will later on appear on tv and in cinema areas. HTC One or software application attributes like BlinkFeed, Video Emphasizes and BoomSound won’t be the primary focus. Instead, Downey, who’s the ‘Creative Director, will explore numerous sets with different jokes about what the initials HTC can represent like: ‘hipster giant carwash,’ ‘hold this cat’ and plenty more. Eventually the ads will feature their items more explicitly.

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“Hold This Cat”

The campaign will be in three stages, highlighting the brand name, HTC’s one-of-a-kind innovations and how HTC products “empower people to drive modification in their own lives.” HTC’s Chief Advertising and marketing Policeman, Ben Ho, offered the project a $1 billion budget, about equal to what the company invested on around the world sales and advertising and marketing in 2012.

“Hipster Troll Carwash”