R2Games is renowned for its MMO games however these games were just browser based games, now the business is expecting launch their first ever before mobile based games called the Excalibur. The game belongs to MMORPG category and will offer action packed MMORPG experience on your mobile.

You get to play as either Knight or Wizard or Assassin or Archer, though you’ll just have the ability to play from 3 classes of character, the Archer course will be made available time after the launch of the game. And much like other MMORPG, this game will provide all the functions there are such as guilds, Zodiac system to augment your course’s characteristics and gem system to upgrade your weaponry and armors. Apart from these there will likewise be several various other systems consisting of Daimon system, an Angel True blessing system and Rune System and all sorts of means to enhance your character’s ability.


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So far as we know the game will be available for smarphones running Android and iOS however there’s no word whether the game will be available for individuals who choose web browser based experience or not. When it comes to the multiplayer, the game does provide cross-platform compatibility. If you haven’t guessed it now, the Excalibur is based on the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table style.

The business hasn’t offered any release date for the game however we expect that Excalibur will be released soon and we likewise believe that the game will cost your whole lot of absolutely nothing. You can likewise try to find the trailer for even more idea of the game. So remain addicted up until the it’s launched.