Already available on Android and iOS, Rebellion has now released its popular action games “Zombie HQ” for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones over Windows Phone Shop.

Zombie HQ free

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The city seems strange these days. All the bars shut down, nowhere to obtain a drink and unwind … And these damn zombies everywhere you turn! Currently gotten rid of a lot of of ’em however they simply keep on coming. Only excellent zombie is a dead zombie. Advantage there’s a lot of guns around.

Still, wish there was some place to take it easy for a while. Some location up high where a fella can catch a break from bashing zombie heads. You know, a “Zombie HQ” of types …”
The ZOMBIE INFESTATION in the city is seriously hindering of your down time. Reclaim your city and reclaim what’s yours!

Scour the roads for salvage to obtain BIGGER AND BADDER GUNS, nitroglycerins, and other zombie-killing weapons.

RESCUE SURVIVORS from the zombie crowd and airlift them to security for INCENTIVE INCENTIVES.

Then catch a breath in your ZOMBIE HQ. Dress up your utmost man-cave with pool tables, jacuzzis, TVs, turntables, plants and more!


  • WEAPONS including shotguns, attack rifles, sniper rifles, gatling gun, weapons, power saws, broadswords and even more!
  • Automated TURRETS and EXPLOSIVES
  • Tons of character APPAREL, consisting of centurion body shield, hockey masks, beer hats and more!
  • Loads of FURNISHINGS for your Zombie HQ, consisting of arcade devices, jukeboxes, pool tables, hot tubs, turntables as well as assisted rocket systems!
  • Zombie KILLING activity and tons of OBJECTIVES to pick from, consisting of scavenger, food drop, employer struggle and even more!
  • Schedule unique missions for extra PERK REWARDS

Zombie HQ is complimentary to play, however you can opt to pay real money for some additional items. You can turn off in-app investing in by readjusting your gadget settings.

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