Rocka Bowling 3D‘, is an excellent brand-new complimentary bowling game for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones developed by Slightly Social.

The game allows in between one and six neighborhood players to contend in a ten-pin bowling match of either three or ten frames. Game control scheme is basic and well-tuned, placing a finger on the screen and pulling back raises the bowling ball up, then sliding the exact same finger forwards bowls the ball down the lane.

Rocka Bowling 3D Wp

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Rocka Bowling 3D, a terrific new complimentary bowling activity game by Best Free of cost Games by A little Social!


  • Simple, precise controls: enjoyable and easy to learn!
  • Amazing 3D visuals and sound!
  • Top background music!
  • Realistic 3D physics enable proficient players to do hook tosses!
  • Up to 6 players COMMUNITY MULTIPLAYER: Enjoy with your friends on a single gadget!
  • Win COINS for every point you SCORE and use them to purchase PREMIUM ITEMS at the Rocka Bowling Store, consisting of bowling alleys, bowling pins and bowling balls!

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