We all have actually played zombie games but hardly anybody is discovered likeable there’s one on Play Shop that you might discover quite addictive and most likely have actually heard the name, The Walking Dead. The official game much watched The Walking Dead season has struck the Google Play, called The Walking Dead: Attack.

The game is based on the original series and provides quite amazing graphics and sound. You also get some major improvements in regards to material and character development.

walking dead assault

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You can select between the characters from the comics and offer rather easy and responsive controls, offering smooth experience on the touchscreen. Apart from other functions you also get to use automobiles and other alarms as decoy to distract the zombies and relocate them far from you and your group. The Walking Dead: Assault provides several various other characters that can be opened together with various other updates. You can likewise hook up to leaderboard to challenge your friends as well.

The game likewise provides achievement since of the Google Play Games Services. As you play along you’ll be unlocking all sorts of products and characters. You can always go to Google Play and download the game for simply $2.99.