Paper Artist - create something fun and unique with your photos

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Paper Artist is the new app from JFDP Labs, the developers behind the popular Paper Camera and Camera 2. It offers a brand-new chance to heavily fine-tune your images with interesting filters, this time with even more of an artistic bent, pick from results that look like paper and pen, marker pens, newsprint, oil painting, comics and tons more. In lots of ways, it seems like an extension of Paper Camera, with extra functions and an interface that sustains both portrait and landscape modes. When unique to Samsung devices, the app is now readily available to all in Google Play!

Price: $2.99

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • 30+ artistic filters!
  • Add complimentary brush and pencil edits!
  • Easy undo feature!
  • Loads of frames to choose from!
  • Choose from gallery or take fresh picture!


  • Would be good to see the capability to readjust levels of each impact.


Paper Artist is a deluxe image modifying application that lets you include deep impacts to your images. Similar to its predecessor, Paper Camera, there are plenty of cool filters to check out, each with a particularly creative taste. There’s the similarity felt pen and mosaic filters with to more typical oil painting as well as marker pen effects. There are some 30 or even more to choose from, so ample to tinker with. You likewise get a load of cool frames to add to your images now, to really complete the result off.

There’s a choice to include brush and pencil drawing effects yourself, which are most likely even better suited to phablets than phones, however it’s a good attribute to see. Likewise welcome is the reverse tab at the bottom of the screen which lets you eliminate additions made previously. You can either utilize images currently in your gallery or take new ones utilizing the benefits straight. One element that’s doing not have is the capability to modify the level of the benefit. With lots of impacts apps nowadays, for instance with Snapseed, you can readjust how much the benefit’s applied on a sliding scale. With such strong benefits as you see in Paper Artist, it could be be good to taper the impacts and make them more subtle.

The user interface will appear extremely familiar if you have utilized Paper Camera, with hand drawn icons and scrunched paper design. It works truly well too, really receptive and extremely simple to navigate. I’ve the tendency to think the design novelises the app somewhat, making it ‘enjoyable’ as opposed to the more professional interfaces you see with the likes of PicShop Pro and even Camera 2. That explained, the app is definitely fun to utilize and offers a variety of striking filters we’ve actually not seen prior to somewhere else.


If you wish to include artistic filters to your images to make them more personalised, Paper Artist is an app that provides this with aplomb. It’s among very many image editing applications readily available in the Google Play Shop and while the idea is not really initial, a few of the filters are one-of-a-kind to the app. I am a downright sucker for image modifying apps and constantly want to attempt brand-new solutions. I discovered Paper Artist to be like a considerable extension of the developers original favorite ‘Paper Camera’.

Ease of Use:

The app is very simple to utilize, regardless of the truth there’s little in the means of tutorial when you initially open the app up. Tabs along the left consist of: take picture from gallery, take pic, include paint effect, add pencil effect, frames, conserve and share. Along the right are the benefits themselves and you scroll through all of these efficiently.

Frequently Used:

This will eventually depend on the individual and how typically you like to play with your images in this method. I normally have 3 or more modifying apps set up on my phone at any one time. If I want to make subtle modifications, I use Snapseed. If I need more tools, I choose PicShop Pro. Pixlr Express is great for including a large selection of filters then there are more novel apps like Camera 2 and Paper Artist for more specific tweaks. Paper Artist is unlikely to become your ‘go-to’ photo editing app, however it’s a good tool to have.


As discussed, the UI is similar to the Paper Camera design, hand drawn icons on scrunched paper. The app is incredibly fluid though with nice animations and really responsive touches.