In Nun Attack: Run and Weapon, you’ve only one goal: to run as far as you can in a common nun costume while gunning down adversaries that are attempting to stain your robe with your own blood. Fans of the initial game will be inclined to select this one up, however be warned that there is not really much to this 2D limitless runner that’ll keep you glued for a very long time. At best, it’s no more than a captivating game you’d use your toilet seat.

The Google Play Shop is abounding with every iteration of unlimited runners developers can think of making. So it isn’t a surprise then that Nun Attack: Run and Gun’s gameplay uses the same attempted and checked formula of automatic side running. Using up and down directional buttons located left wing, gamers can hop up and down platforms, while virtual buttons on the right enables you to slide to avoid deadly hanging challenges and shoot to eliminate the different adversaries that’s no qualms about smashing you with a rock or dismembering you with a chainsaw.

Nun Attack: Run & Gun

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Along the means, you gather coins that can be invested on upgrading your weapons, opening different characters and updating power-ups that are spread throughout the game. The more distinct stuff makes use of diamonds, a secondary currency that you make moderately and can be purchased using real money. Diamonds can likewise be utilized to purchase even more coins. To infuse a sense of objective to merely running to the right, the game likewise introduces objectives which will reward the player with coins when finished, like gathering a variety of coins in one run or killing a certain opponent a number of times.

While the game does nothing to redefine the category, the graphics are as captivating and smooth as the initial Nun Attack. It infuses a sense of threat and quick paced activity that any limitless runner ambitiouses, and never lets up throughout. At the end of each level, you hop through a portal to a world filled with coins and you leap gleefully to try to gather them all, then you’re thrust back into action through portal to the next level. Level range is also something to be applauded, as an increasing number of lethal items and opponents are introduced the additional you venture into the game, and its setup, environment and background is detailed and vibrant.

Nun Attack: Run and Firearm isn’t a hardcore game by any means, but you’ll find yourself returning to it when you’ve 2 minutes to spare in the bathroom or awaiting the bus. I started this review with a really negative perspective to this game as it’s essentially an a recurring game in an overflowing and exhausted category that does absolutely nothing to give me hope for the mobile games sector. However, if you look at the game only from a relaxed viewpoint, it does not do a bad job of entertaining you for a brief period of time, which I suspect is just exactly what it aims to do. In that sense, it’s a great amount of polish and range to please its core laid-back audience. I am still not gonna provide this even more than 3 stars, however hey, there are much even worse games out there to hate.