Android 4.3 brings along package of modifications, consisting of major enhancements in camera app. The 4.3 android upgrade will be rolled out quickly since we’ve seen some of the devices running android 4.3 especially those phone with Google Play Edition, as pointed out by International Business Times, the source code of Android 4.3 has already been offered by Google.

And among the hype developed by this Jelly bean 4.3 update lies among the significant augmentations in the camera app. How precisely the camera app will improve the individual experience is still unclear. However reports recommend that this will definitely reward all the photography enthusiasts out there.

android camera

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As for the compatibility, devices running Android 4.0 and later on can install the camera app which is affirmed to be released for Android 4.3, says the PetaPixel. And the best part is, it can be installed without having you to root your device.

The news was first broken by Android Authority as the new camera was found on a few of the brand-new gadgets of Google Play edition such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. They drew out the APK file of the 4.3 Jelly bean camera app and anyone who wishes to install it can easily access it.

Some of the brand-new additions made in this camera app consist of the usage of volume buttons to work as the camera shutter and the upgrading of interface, permitting switching over between various modes such as adjust white balance and flash mode with convenience.

You could run into some problems as some attributes of the camera app couldn’t work for some gadgets. However, installing the app is pretty simple, just download the APK file and transfer it into your gadget.

With all these developments and improvements one may think that the brand-new Android 4.3 updated is just around the corner.