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In an impressive move that’s the first of its kind by a terrific songs artist and mogul, Jay-Z has partnered with Samsung to offer one million copies of his new cd Magna Carta Holy Grail complimentary to Galaxy owners. If you’ve either a Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and/or Galaxy Note 2 benefit from the Install button above to download the app from Google Play. You’ll observe not much exists now (connect and share to FB or Twitter to open lyrics to one tune) however on July 4th at 12:01 am ET (3 days before everybody else can buy it!) you’ll be able to listen to the album. Check out some screen grabs from the app plus lyrics from the song ‘Holy Grail’ including Justin Timberlake.

You take the clothes off my back / And let you / You take the food right from my mouth / And I view you consume it / I still do not know why / Why our love is so much / Ohhh / You curse my name / In spite to put me to shame / Air all my laundry in the roads / Dirty or clean / Offer it up for fame / But I still do not know why / Why I love it so much / Yea / And child / It’s remarkable I am in this maze with you / I just cannot break ya code / One day you screaming you like me loud / The next day you are so cold / One day you below / One day you there / One day you care / You are so unfair / Sippin from the cup / Till it runneth over / Holy Grail

Blue informed me to remind you n * [expletive] / F * [curse] that s * [curse] y’ all discuss / I am the s * [curse] / Caught up in all these lights and cameras / However look exactly what that s * [expletive] did to Hammer / M * [expletive] it I like it / The bright lights is luring / However look whatever it did to Tyson / All the pigeons take flight / F * [curse] the fame / Keep unfaithful on me / Exactly what I do / I took her back / Fool m two times / That’s my bad / I can’t even blame her for that / Enough to make me wish to [expletive] / Momma please simply get my bail / I know No one to criticize / Kurt Cobain / I did it to myself

And all of us just / Entertainers / And we are silly / And infectious (2x)

And child / It’s incredible I am in this maze with you / I just can’t split ya code / One day you shouting you love me loud / The next day you are so cold / One day you below / One day you there / One day you care / You are so unjust / Sippin from your cup / Till it runneth over / Holy Grail

Now I got tattoos on my body / Psycho b * [curse] in my lobby / I got haters in the paper / Image shoots with paparazzi / Cannot even take my daughter for a walk / See them by the corner store I feel like I am cornered off / Enough is enough / I am calling this off / Who the f * [expletive] I am joking though / I am getting [expletive] / Sitting low / Moving by / Because huge body / Drapes all in my window / This popularity harmed / However this chain works / I think back / You asked the same individual / If this is all you’d to handle / n * [expletive] handle / It, this s * [expletive] ain’t work / This light work / Camera snapping my eyes harm / N * [curse] passing away back where I was birthed / F * [expletive] your iris and IRS / Get the f * [curse] up off of your high horse / You got the [curse] that [curse] / Will die for / Dry yours / Why you mad / Take the good with the bad / Don’t throw that baby out with that bath water / You are still alive / Vanilla wafers / In a villa / Illest n * [curse] alive / Michael Jackson thriller


Do not know why / Love you so much