Gamelion released their arcade shooter practically a month ago called the Beast Shooter, while the game was good it had it was only offered for couple of regions. Now as the brand-new Nexus devices are unveiled, the developers have launched an additional version of the franchise business called Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth and this time, luckily, the game is offered worldwide.

The tale of offers a rather amusing tale, the Earth is under alien invasion and your task to shield the planet. Rather of destroying the world the aliens are more interested in cats, after kidnapping your cat they now establish a grand scheme to swipe all the cats from the face of this earth.

Monster Shooter 2 Back to Earth

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The game offers 4 various level particularly desert, arctic, city and suburbs which are further divided into 80 different stages. There’s a list of tools that you can make use of in the game, probably over 20 different tools, and provides a few of the most epic employer fights. You can likewise pick between 3 various modes such as Tale, Survival and Unlimited. And all of these things have actually been put together with some outstanding graphics.

One of the things that stands out in Monster Shooter 2 is the multiplayer choice. You can now co-op with your buddies and fight together to conserve the Earth. Your toolbox consists of variety of tools together with the mech match.

Log on to Google Play and get yourself a copy of Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth and the game will cost you whole lot of absolutely nothing.