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There’s no shortage of mobile photo book applications on the market today, however a majority of these are concentrated on taking digital productions and turning them into offline, printed products. Memorability, a just recently introduced iPad picture book app, is various. Instead of bringing online web printing services to the brand-new, smaller sized displays of smartphones or iPads, the app instead recommends that we no longer should print out our photo scrapbooks at all – and that an iPad-only option in fact has benefits of its own.

If you do a look for ‘photo books’ in the iTunes App Store, you’ll apply for a range of solutions for developing photo albums that can then be delivered to your home. A few of these are built for iPhone, like Mosaic and Simple Prints, for instance. Others, like Printzel, are universal apps, and others still, like KeepShot, are iPad-only. Memorability fits into this latter group in the sense that it’s been developed for tablets alone.

But unlike the others, Memorability isn’t indicated as an energy for constructing hardbound picture books – it’s the digital replacement for them. There’s no accompanying web service or printing choice with the app. Users’ cds are conserved in your area to the iPad, while the business’s servers will only host the albums shared with other family and friends for up to 30 days.

Like the conventional scrapbooks it’s influenced by, Memorability consists of pre-designed templates that can be customized with text and captions. However it likewise includes a special attribute, too: voice support. In addition to arranging pictures into cds, individuals can record narrative voice-overs. The resulting picture books can then be seen in an automatic slideshow mode, or can be swiped through manually.

Private sharing is built into Memorability, permitting individuals to pal each various other, then view and comment on each others’ books, which appear in the app’s feed. Plus, you can additionally share books to Facebook or via e-mail to reach family members or buddies without iPads. There the picture books are developed into film files that play the slideshow and narration when clicked.


Based in Church Hillside, N.C., and bootstrapped by husband and wife team Anne and Tom Clark, Memorability got its beginning – as numerous companies do – in order to fix an individual discomfort point in the co-founders’ lives. ‘I’ve countless images of my children on my computer, however as a busy mom, I never ever had time to do anything with them,’ says Anne, who worked with Memorability’s interaction design and wireframes while spouse Tom, currently a senior director of product at TIBCO, coded.

‘When I looked for an option for my iPad where I could show my photos, I hadn’t been delighted,’ Anne says of the iPad’s present app selection. ‘I wished for something that was more like a physical picture cd. When I did not apply for anything like that, I decided we’d to do it,’ she adds.

The premium variation of the app is offered free of charge in the App Shop, offering a variety of built-in styles, and the capacity to record up to a minute of voice per page on albums that can be 20 pages long. After the launch duration is over, the app will remain complimentary however will then cost $3.99 to upgrade to the full version with more free themes and albums not capped at 5 pages each.

A number of cd themes will continue to be offered for in-app acquisition in both editions, and brand-new themes will be included monthly, says Anne. Provided the scrapbooking ambiance of constructing the digital books, there might be a chance for Memorability to offer added decorations in time, but the business decided against the ‘sticker pack business model’ in the meantime since the immediate objective is keeping the app simple to make use of. Nevertheless, the team is thinking about letting users pay to keep their cds shared with others for longer than the 30-day default at some later point in time.

Memorability is intriguing because it in fact replicates the feeling you used to obtain from putting images into a scrapbook, while also taking advantage of the digital medium that’s now at hand. It’s a lot like Disney’s just recently introduced exclusive social networking app Tale, except that Tale is just developed for iPhone, and isn’t as polished or rather – things that matter to Memorability’s most likely female, Pinterest-pinning, family-focused group.

The Clarks also envision Memorability as others than simply an additional device for sharing images, but rather as a storytelling platform, Anne explains. ‘Something I am hoping with this is individuals will have significant communications by viewing these individual image tales from friends and family,’ she states.

The premium variation of Memorability is offered as a complimentary download below. (The code MEMORABILITY will get you one extra free theme.)