A current report done by the app test company, Stardust, discloses that there’s a great deal of apps not being upgraded.

Android is the best when it comes to updating their apps and not leaving them to pass away. Having a lot of updates is really bothersome sometimes however is has to be done. It’s recommended to upgrade your apps for your safety, specifically the most popular apps. There’s a function in the Play Store which updates your apps instantly when WiFi is switched on. This is really practical and uses apps way more simpler. Stardust also mapped the number of brand-new apps are released every day. All these numbers come from a daily average estimate.

1. Android: 1107 (updates: 2341)
2. iOS: 978 (updates: 806)
3: Windows Phone: 286 (updates: 179)


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Link to their site:  stardustspm.com/