Jujubee launches their game based deputy robber game called the Suspect in sight, the game was originally planned to release in 2012 April but it got postponed for some reason. The concept behind the game is quite basic, you need to watch on the bad men and apprehend them using your authorities helicopter whenever they dedicate criminal activity.

The game includes three various cities and a total of 4 helicopters. So you’ll be patrolling the cities with a bird view, looming over the bad guys. You’d likewise be needing some significant flying skills.


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As said earlier the game includes 3 different cities which are broken down into 30 various missions. Fly over the bad guys with mesmerizing visuals and music, Presume in Sight provides hours of gameplay and keeps things interesting by opening different levels as your development. As for the controls, well, they’re significantly responsive and intuitive. Suspect in Sight presents the story with a blend of humor and comic style.

As you play along you’ll unlock huge selection of material and bonuses which augment your capacity to remove bad guys. You’ll also get to open whole comic book as you advance through the game. Suspect in Sight is now offered on Google Play identified with a cost of $1.99.