How to pinch or swipe the iPhone or iPad screen without pinching or swiping iPhone/iPad tip: Pinch or swipe the screen without actually pinching or swiping

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Not everyone has the full use of their fingers, which’s a trouble when it pertains to such usual iPhone ‘gestures’ as pinching and swiping the touchscreen.

The option: ‘AssistiveTouch,’ a practical iOS function that lets you produce a customized menu of multitouch gestures that you can perform with just a couple of taps, no pinching or swiping needed.

Indeed, when you’ve actually got AssistiveTouch up and running, you can do pretty much anything on your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch) with a single fingertip, or even a stylus.

iOS AssistiveTouch control 300x226 iPhone/iPad tip: Pinch or swipe the screen without actually pinching or swiping

Tap the little translucent circle and a menu of AssistiveTouch buttons will appear.

To turn on AssistiveTouch, you simply …

  • Go to the main iPhone/iPad home page and tap Settings, General, and Accessibility.
  • Scroll to all-time low of the page, tap the AssistiveTouch option (it’s under the Physical and Motor heading), and tap the ‘On’ switch at the top of the following screen.

Once that’s done, you ought to see a clear square in the top-left corner of the display, tap it, and a menu with four icons– Siri, Favorites, Device, and House– need to appear.

Tap the ‘Gadget’ icon, and you’ll see a series of five even more one-touch choices: Lock Display (which essentially locks your phone with a tap), Rotate Screen, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Unmute/Mute.

AssistiveTouch Shake Multitasking Gestures buttons 298x300 iPhone/iPad tip: Pinch or swipe the screen without actually pinching or swiping

Thanks to AssistiveTouch, you can snap a screenshot, ‘shake’ your iPhone, expose the multitasking bar, and more– all with a basic tap.

Tap the More button, and you’ll get a couple of more AssistiveTouch choices: Motions (we will get to that in a moment), Screenshot (yep, for one-touch screenshots), Multitasking (to reveal the iOS multitasking bar without double-clicking the actual Home trick), and Shake (ideal for using the iPhone’s ‘shake to undo’ attribute without actually shaking the phone).

Visit the AssistiveTouch ‘Motions’ menu to attempt two-, 3-, four-, as well as five-finger motions with simply a single fingertip– convenient for those awesome iPad gestures that let you (for example) switch from one app to an additional with a four-finger swipe.

The ‘Favorites’ icon is where you’ll discover the popular iPhone ‘pinch’ motion, most often made use of for zooming in on a web page or an image.

Tap ‘Pinch,’ and a pair of blue, fingertip-sized dots connected by a thin bar will appear, just tap and pull with one finger to ‘squeeze’ the screen.

AssistiveTouch four finger iPad gesture 300x250 iPhone/iPad tip: Pinch or swipe the screen without actually pinching or swiping

Four- and five-finger iPad motions get a whole lot simpler with AssistiveTouch on the case.

Even better, though, is the choice to create your very own gestures. Tap the ‘+’ indication to ‘record’ any gesture you want– state, a downward swipe.

For some example, to scroll up on a prolonged web page without in fact swiping, you could simply contact the AssistiveTouch menu, tap ‘Favorites,’ then the icon for your new ‘swipe down’ gesture.

Now tap the screen, and it will obediently scroll down just as if you ‘d swiped it.

The ‘Siri’ button will, as you probably guessed, activate the iPhone/iPad’s ‘smart assistant’ without needing to ‘long-press’ the House trick.

And speaking of which, the AssistiveTouch function has its own Home button, which does just what it says: it sends you directly to the iPhone’s house display.

You can also double-tap the House icon to reveal the iPhone’s multitasking bar at the bottom of the page (assuming you don’t wish to both with AssistiveTouch’s dedicated Multitasking button).