Create an iPhone event directly from email iPhone/iPad tip: Create a calendar event or contact directly from email

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An invite to a cannot-miss out on event simply landed in your inbox, and you wish to mark it in your iPhone’s calendar prior to you forget– and while you are at it, you ‘d like to add the sender’s name to your address book.

Well, great information: you are just a couple of taps far from conserving the date in your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) Calendar app, or from creating a new entry in your Contacts app– all directly from the initial email message.

Here’s how…

Create a calendar event from email

  • Open the email, search for the date and time (which must currently be highlighted in blue by your iPhone), tap it, then tap the “Create Event” button from the slide-up window. When you do, an ‘Include Event’ window will appear with the salient details already filled in.
  • iPhone Add Event screen 249x300 iPhone/iPad tip: Create a calendar event or contact directly from email

    Once you tap the ‘Develop Event’ button, an ‘Add Occasion’ display will appear with the salient information currently filled in.

  • Go ahead and modify the new event or add more details (such as a place or a pointer), then tap the “Done” button. You are all set!
  • You can likewise tap “Program in Calendar” to see if you are free during that time slot, or “Copy” to copy the date and time to the iPhone’s virtual clipboard.

Create a contact

  • Go to the top of the e-mail, tap the name you ‘d such as to conserve in the “From:” field, and then tap the “Create New Contact” button.
  • A brand-new contact kind will appear with the name and e-mail fields finished. Edit or add more information as you see fit, then tap the “Done” button.