iOS 7 beta 5 download seeded to devs, features icon tweaks and new controls

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Apple released the iOS 7 beta 5 download to developers today, putting the current sneak peek variation of its rejuvenated os in their hands through an over-the-air update.

iOS 7 beta 5 brings about small modifications, as discovered by 9to5Mac, including tweaked icons and an extra control center setting.

The most obvious graphics update takes place in the settings menu. More vibrant icons change the all-blue images of the previous 4 betas.

Another emphasize amongst the user interface modifications is that the brand-new “slide to power off” design is no longer edge-to-edge.

“Slide to power off” does, however, still have that reddish-orange window tint to it. No change there. It still looks much louder than the prior silver and black scheme of iOS 6 and below.

Control center updates

Control center, among the more anticipated features of iOS 7, also received a small revision.

It’s now possible to disable this swipe-from-the-bottom menu layer while in apps. The reason for this is likely because specific apps like games could utilize display swiping controls that disrupt the brand-new action.

Everything else about the long-overdue control center menu remains undamaged. It provides quick access to toggle buttons like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and plane mode without needing users to exit an app and dig into the setups menu.

It’s precisely what jailbreakers have actually been doing with Cydia’s SBSettings considering that the very early days of iOS. It just took Apple about five years to catch up.

Not long now

Apple is pushing out regular iOS 7 beta updates with small changes, meanings we should see the launch of its fall-bound mobile os soon.

iOS 7 is expected to make the developer-to-average user shift at the same time a brand-new generation of Apple smartphones is introduced, as per usual.

Speculation points to an iPhone 5S and budget iPhone launch date in September, so it may just be a month approximately away.