In Depth: 10 essential Samsung GALAXY S4 apps for beer lovers

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An activity explained to date back to the fifth millennium BC, guzzling beer is one of the earliest activities delighted in by thirsty people the world over.

The drinking experience has just been enhanced by smartphones in the modern age, and whether you consider yourself a lager than life character or a pale ale lover, you will not be short of choices when looking for a Samsung GALAXY S4 app that matches your requirements.

Now’s the best time of the year to discover what’s out there too, what with a hop-filled sea of beer festivals on the horizon, consisting of the Kent Beer Festival on July 18– 20 and the Fantastic British Beer Festival on August 13– 17.

We are off to put ourselves a pint. Prior to you do the same, keep in mind the following: UK law states if you are under 18 and consuming liquor in public, you can be stopped, fined or imprisoned by the police. It’s also illegal for anybody to offer, or effort to offer spirits to you and you can even fall foul of the law by drinking alcohol in licensed properties. You can, nonetheless, consume alcohol with a meal with if you are accompanied by an adult and aged 16 or over. Whatever age you are, always bear in mind to consume responsibly. Now that’s out of the method, right here’s our choice of 10 of the very best beer-themed apps.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

End the cardinal sin of drinking alone with Untappd


Free – get it here

Drinking beer has actually been a generally social leisure activity throughout the ages, so it was inescapable that a social network designed to connect likeminded people with an interest in the activity would rise to the top of Google’s Play shop like a barrel full of delicious yeast.

Simply put, Untappd is a social networking app that treats beers as people. This enables you to ‘follow’ them to see which pubs they are offered in. And they even trend, Twitter style, if enough individuals are drinking them.

Of course, Untappd is all about being social, and the app also allows you to track, rate and take pictures of beers, which can then be shared with buddies. It’ll likewise reward you with badges for trying different styles and seeing various haunts, introducing a competitive element. (Not that consuming needs one, if we are honest).

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

User testimonials will lead you to the very best beers

CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide

Free – get it here

A overview of beer apps wouldn’t be total without pointing out the Good Beer Guide by CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale). A mobile version of the exact same award-winning guide published by CAMRA every year, this ‘yellow pages of ale’ attributes full reviews of 4,500 pubs throughout the UK and includes information of every real-ale brewery and their routine makers.

To get the most from the app you’ll have to register as a CAMRA member to open its complete prospective nonetheless, or you’ll be restricted to seeing info about a single location. If you are major about real ale, it’s the most extensive offering of its kind out there.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

Pick your beers before you have left the house

Perfect Pint

Free – get it here

The best-designed app on our list, Perfect Pint looks stunning on the GALAXY S4’s generous Full HD Super AMOLED display. It serves as a virtual map of real ales, pubs and beer festivals around the UK, meaning a quick flick of the smartphone’s GPS feature will have you racing to the nearest place in moments.

Perfect Pint also permits you to locate venues that provide a certain sort of beverage, such as bottles, as opposed to draft, making it a great shout if you are in the presence of picky company. The app likewise enables you to add tasting notes for any beer tested in a bar, implying it’s a regularly progressing live directory site. Cool.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

Plan out your locations beforehand

Pub Crawl

Free – get it here

Some explain that the trick to a successful pub-crawl is organization. It’s unfortunate, then, that many people have the tendency to lose their orientation after the inescapable pork scratchings make an appearance halfway along the course.

Pubdroid. com’s Club Crawl app assists by permitting a group to pre-set a path before syncing it to everybody’s gadgets, meaning individuals are on the exact same page and can (theoretically) straddle to the next club in inebriated tandem.

It serves a second purpose too, in providing a list of visited clubs in case anybody loses their possessions or gets lost along the way, which on an effective pub crawl is pretty much a given.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

No more lying to the other half

Beer Counter

Free – get it here

BeerCounter is an incredibly simple app that does what it says on the (alcohol-soaked) tin and then some. The concept is that you push the beer mat whenever you have consumed a beer. Not only might this enhance your awareness of how many beers you have sunk, but it also keeps a tab on how much you’ve actually spent, which your hungover self would no question value the next morning.

While these 2 attributes make this a helpful app by themselves, digging underneath the surface exposes additional settings that allow you to alter the beer rate, show the last time you drank a beer, alter the currency and post to Twitter or Facebook every time you have sunk an ale. Just do not get too inebriated that you forget to ‘accidentally’ update your tally.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

Never go without craft beer in the capital again

Craft Beer London

£1.99 – buy it here

Whether you are a long-lasting London dweller or just preparing a journey for the weekend, Craft Beer London will have you hunting down craft beers in the capital like a bear in a swimming pool of salmon.

The app features ratings, pictures, testimonials and directions to London’s bars and stores selling craft beer, in addition to comprehensive testimonials and referrals on London’s leading craft breweries. It’ll likewise keep you approximately date on all of the current craft beer news and dives deep into its history, offering a vital 2nd use during bar tests.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

BrewR turns brewing into a fine art

BrewR Beer Recipe Manager

Free – get it here

For those looking for a cost-free and uncomplicated home brewing app, BrewR Beer Recipe Manager allows recipes to be drilled down into file information. You can edit anything from batch sizes to boil volumes, efficiency percentages, weight, gravity and color.

It also showcases the choice of sharing dishes with fellow GALAXY S4 owners using the mobile’s in-built NFC function. You can even incorporate this with the S4’s Team Play function to play the exact same music tracks while you brew. We recommend Bran Van 3000’s ‘Drinking in LA’ to obtain you going.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

BeerSmith 2 is all about 24/7 access to recipe data

BeerSmith 2 Mobile HomeBrewing

£5.24 – buy it here

The 2nd house brewing app on our list is potentially the most thorough of its kind available on the GALAXY S4. At the heart of the app is a ‘recipe cloud service’ that stores data on components, recipe and brew session information on the web, instead of your phone, implying you can access your information on any internet-connected device at any time.

Advanced features consist of an integrated brew day timer with step-by-step guidelines, brewing calculators and tools for converting facility rounds. If the ₤ 5.24 price tag appears a little too steep, you can choose a Lite version at ₤ 2.49, which allows you to browse, however not create or modify dishes.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

Order beers abroad with confidence

Beer Orderer

Free – get it here

Here’s an app for the frequent traveller that puts an end to the unpleasant act of pointing at beer pumps when checking out bars in various other countries.

Beer Orderer is an incredibly simple app that asks 2 concerns: the number of beers you want to get, and exactly what language you want to order them in.

After selecting the 2, pressing a button raises a translation of exactly what you have ordered in your picked language, which you can then attempt to read out loud (in a bad accent), or can simply show the bar tender. Problem prevented.

Samsung GALAXY S4 beer apps

RateBeer has a detailed database of beers


Free – get it here

RateBeer, as the name recommends, is all about rating beer. In other words, if all you seek is a run down of the top 50 craft beers offered in the UK, this app has the answer.

Not just that, but the app has a few distinct techniques up its sleeve. First of all, it lets you use the GALAXY S4’s camera to scan barcodes found on beers and various other drinks, suggesting you can quickly find beer served at one club at other locations. It’s practically the Shazam of beer apps (look it up if you are not familiar).

Second, RateBeer features as a kind of FourSquare of pubs, allowing you to inspect in to community beer places so that your friends can find you. You can rack up your pub tally gradually till you’ve actually acquired more beer understanding than Al Murray, which probably is not too challenging, concern consider it.