I have not got the chance to play it, but I’ve actually heard just advantages about Sine Mora, a 2.5 D shooter by Digital Truth and Insect Manufacture. Thankfully, I’ll get the chance to test the game and see how cool it in fact is as its developers have actually revealed that they’re working on an Android port coming quickly.

In regards to gameplay, Sine Mora will continue to be the same area battle shooter where you’ll need to blast away all incoming adversaries while dodging bullets and preparing for intense boss fights. With modifiable difficulty setups, it can range from a nice walk in the park to a real bullet hell game. Bring it on!

sine mora android

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Unfortunately, there are few information on the Android version of the game, however we do understand that it’s coming soon (ought to show up by the end of the month) and if it’ll be anything near the console version quality, it’ll certainly have a lot of fans.