The Gameloft produced and published mobile game collection, Gangstar has actually been around for quite sometime now. The collection originally made its debut back in 2009 with Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. The game had an open world setting with game mechanics that were significantly like the popular Grand Fraud Auto computer game collection. With its following, Gameloft went on to produce sequels of the game that occurred in different locations throughout the world, such as Miami and Rio. Now, the series makes a shift to the City of Sin in its most current version, Gangstar: Vegas, which finally makes its means onto Android devices.

Much like previous games in the collection, players will take control of a new hero, a MMA fighter framed and wanted by the Mafia. You’re entrusted with finding the individual who framed you and taking them down as you damaged chaos in one of America’s a lot of vibrant cities. In open world style, Gangstar: Vegas provides players a lot to do. With a map that’s 9x the size of the previous games in the collection, players will find themselves engaged with a great deal of activites aside from the game’s major tale objectives.


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If you’d the opportunity to play Gangstar: Vegas or any of the games in the Gangstar collection we’d like to hear your thoughts! Comment below and inform us exactly what you consider the games and if you think Vegas is the best installment yet.